November 21, 2011

November Flare

Is it really Monday already? Oh my! I've gone through the whole weekend with a messed up clock and could have sworn today was Sunday. Oh well! I'm ready to take on a whole new week, but first, I need my coffee!

This weekend I picked up a new pair of jeans at my favorite Levi's store. For years now I have been a skinny legged/leggings kind of girl, but hearing my co-workers (remember, Scott and I are seasonal help there!) I decided to give a pair of Curve IDs a shot. I've been measured for my ID a few times before (if you've never been measured, you should go down to your nearest Levi's store and have them measure you!), so I knew I was a Demi Curve. In the end, I decided to go with the Demi Curve Slight Boot cut jeans in a dark wash. So far I'm really digging them!

To go along with my slight 1970's look, I threw on my new favorite cardigan from Jcpenney. I LOVE the colors in it, and I love how flowy it is.

My unique Taylor Kenney Jewelry was the cherry on top for this outfit. I really felt beautiful in this ensemble, and was happy to be having a great day!

In other news, did you notice that my photos are now slightly larger? The amazing Amy of A is for Ampersand did a little tweeking to my blog design and now I'm able to have larger photos! I am SO thrilled about it, and suggest checking out Amy's blog and leaving her a sweet comment! She also does amazing blog designs and is one talented graphic designer!

Today I have to work on, you guessed it, school work! Scott also promised me a trip to Trader Joe's! I've been seeing a few of their seasonal goodies on the web and I have to check them out!

Outfit details:
American Living Cardigan: c/o Jcpenney
Shirt: American Apparel
Gia Bangle: c/o Taylor Kenney Jewelery
Brunswick Necklace: c/o Taylor Kenney Jewelry
Demi Curve Slight Boot Cut Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Minnetonkas

What are you up to today? Do you own any Levi's Curve ID jeans?
-Chesea xo


  1. SO cute chelsea. lovin this outfit.. and man, ive been missing the boot cuts and flares.. 'bout time for them to come back! you rock 'em! hope you and scott are doing just swell sweetie! xo

  2. I. LOVE. your outfit! I am definitely a boot cut/flare gal myself. And I have always loved 60s and 70s vibe outfits. ^_^

  3. that cardigan is amazing, and now you have me wanting a new pair of levi's even more! we don't have a levis's store here, so maybe i should get measured the next time i'm out of town and find one!

  4. Love that cardigan! Such lovely colours. PS found you on chictopia the other day - yeah!
    Kelly xo