November 3, 2011

One In The Same

Last week Scott joined the 23 club! When I first saw my sweet guy in the morning I realized that we were dressed so similarly! Black tops, skinny jeans, and TOMS. I swear we didn't plan this, but I kind of enjoyed matching the birthday boy for the day.

Recently Scott and I have been shopping for a few winter pieces. The weather in Phoenix was amazing yesterday, and there was definitely a major breeze in the air. Both Scott and I bundled up in new sweaters, and contemplated getting hot drinks during our weekly stop at Lola Coffee (ok, maybe not, nothing can take me away from my iced coffee!).

I am truly so excited to see the temperatures go down. I feel that in the fall and winter my personal style really shines through. I'm a cozy sweater, cardigan layering, boot wearing kind of girl! Scott is also a big fan of layering, and lately he has been wearing the most handsome ensembles. Sometimes I see him and my heart goes pitter, patter. I feel so lucky to be in love with such a sweet, handsome man.

Lately Scott has been wearing the watch I gave him for our five year anniversary. It has tons of little dials in it, and is a lot less chunky than his other watch. For three of our five anniversaries I have given Scott a watch (pocket watch, interchangeable watch, and now this one), and I kind of love how it has become a bit of a tradition. Anniversaries (and love!) truly are the best!

On another note, this week has been a stressful one. School is kicking my butt and a take-home test gave me heartburn for two straight days. I have two papers due for the next two weeks, and more papers to start working on after that. I feel like I'm going to be pretty busy until the semester ends, but I'll be excited to say I made it through my first semester of grad school when it does!

Outfit Details //
Top: TJ Maxx
Wooden J necklace: Anthropologie // anniversary present
Jeans: Levi's
Bag: Coach
Shoes: Burlap TOMS

Shirt: Penguin
Jeans: Levi's
Watch: Fossil // anniversary present
Shoes: TOMS Cordones

Today I have school work to finish up, and plan on working on a few blog posts. I think a trip for some iced coffee is in order as well!

What are you up to today?
-Chelsea xo


  1. I absolutely adore you two! I've been seeing you two on instagram and you both just warm my heart. :) You look so cute here! But you always do. :)

  2. cute top :D
    I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  3. You two are too cute. My man and I also do the same thing -- wearing similar colors or cuts and not even on purpose! I think it's something with being married and living together... we're fashion-sync'd. :P

  4. You two are too cute. Rob and I constantly get mistaken for siblings, haha!

    Sorry your'e so stressed :-/ Before my celiac was treated anxiety always had my stomach running amok.

    I'm going to be in your area tomorrow! So hello, from me :)

  5. Anniversary traditions are so special! Since we started dating, I have given my husband a book for almost every special occasion (usually in conjunction with another gift.) I didn't realize I had done it until he said something a few years back, and now I make it a point. It's special because it's just for us. :)

    Happy birthday, Scott! I hope it was a good one!

  6. hi pretty.
    those toms are great, i've never seen that colour! you both look comfy but awesome!! also, i hope school is getting better for you...i know what it's like to feel bogged down. you're not alone ;)

    xo, carly

  7. Love that sweater! Could not be happier about the weather today. I left for work and it was 60! Finally fall is starting to arrive in AZ.

    Happy belated birthday to Scott!

    ❤ Katherine

  8. Awwww, such a cute post! Love that y'all were a bit matchy for his b-day!