November 2, 2011

Phoenix Food Truck Festival

Last month Scott and I attended the Phoenix Food Truck Festival. We had been waiting for what seem forever for the festival to finally come, so when it did we were so excited to attend. We bought our tickets in-advance, and once we were inside we tried everything we could get our hands on. All the trucks were set to serve sample sizes of a few delicious items off of their every day menus. All you had to do was get in line (and sometimes there was a very long line) and they would handle you a sample of whatever deliciousness they were serving up.

Scott had the first sample of the afternoon. He had a hush puppy and gumbo!

For months now I have been seeing Beet Streat around and have been wanting to try it out. I was so excited when I saw they were at the Food Truck Festival, and I was loving everything on their menu.

This fall harvest soup was seriously the best.

We also ate delicious Filipino food right next door to Beat Street. I can't wait to give this dish a second try one of these days. It was seriously SO good!

Our favorite Short Leash Dogs were at the festival as well! They had a HUGE line, but it was well worth the wait.

I had a corn dog, and Scott had their special pretzel bun bratwurst!

No big shocker, but my favorite food truck was Shine Coffee. This sweet little coffee shop sits inside a vintage airtream trailer, and the were serving up the most delicious espresso macchiatos!

I was so excited to see Mojo Bowl there as well! They make some of the best shaved ice in town!

My mom and uncle attended the festival with us. My mom's favorite food truck is Torched Goodness (they serve up amazing creme brulee), so we were all very excited to pick up some yummy dessert from them. The line to get this delicious treat was crazy though!

He's such a sweetie!

One of the last stops we made was at a truck from a local farm. They had the most amazing squash soup, and their macaroni balls were the best!

Before we headed out I had to make one more stop by the Shine Coffee trailer. I might have finished my macchiato and Scott's as well! They were seriously the best!

Overall, I think the food truck festival was a complete success. There was a huge crowd of people inside and outside the gates. There was amazing food everywhere, and it was such a neat event to have in downtown Phoenix. I sure hope they have this festival again next year, but Scott and I will most certainly be there!

What are you up to today? If you're local, did you go to the festival?
-Chelsea xo


  1. omg, thats a lot of food! lol. this makes me want a food truck wedding so much. all of these tiny portions of amazing and creative food! it looked like so much fun!


  2. This is making me hungryyy! Especially the soups!

  3. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing!! Where do you find out about all these awesome events? I am so terribly out of the loop having been gone so long. That squash soup looks amazing, never had that before & creme brulee... mmmm.

  4. i was sad to have missed this! looks like it was great.

  5. This is my heaven!!! Mmmmm I want one of those macaroni balls.