November 30, 2011

Yellow Leaves

A have a favorite neighborhood in Tempe. I'm pretty sure it's everyone's favorite because all of the house are unique, and their trees always have their leaves change to the most beautiful colors around this time of year. Every time I drive down one of their streets I can't help but just take in all of this emotion that comes along with fall nostalgia (and now onto those winter thoughts).

When I put on this outfit I felt very studious. Like I should be going to school in England and sipping hot tea and eating scones at Harrods for an afternoon snack (I did this once and it was a dream come true! Can I please do it again?). I love this sweet wrap around skirt with the big buttons, my A Beautiful Mess necklace (Elsie did such an amazing job designing it!), and my cute new satchel I got on super sale from Jcpenney! It's definitely an outfit I would like to repeat!

Now that this semester is winding down I'm in crunch mode. I'm eating, sleeping, breathing homework and worrisome thoughts that I won't finish every project I need to have overcome me (I know I will, but I always worry). Last night Scott and I took some time to just enjoy some yummy coffee and the company of sweet friends. It felt really good just to breathe for a few, and talk about something that doesn't involve school work.

Do you see the leaves falling? It's a miracle! I could have sworn I was in the Pacific Northwest when this was happening!

The leaves in this spot were just truly stunning! Scott and I just couldn't get enough. I would have stayed here all afternoon! There is a sweet coffee shop down the street that I would have loved to pick up a hot latte from and gone on an extra long walk around the rest of the neighborhood.

Outfit details:
Cardigan: Last Chance
Top: American Apparel
Call It Spring satchel: c/o Jcpenney
Flats: Ruby & Bloom

Today I have to continue studying for a final test, and attend class later in the evening. I also plan on sipping a lot of tea and coffee because lately I have been so cold. I know it's not very cold outside, but I'm always cold! I also plan on working on our advent calendar, and wrapping up a few odds and ends I've been meaning to get done.

What's on your agenda today?
-Chelsea xo


  1. i love your outfit, and i was actually just looking at that skirt the other day wondering if i could pull off those big buttons!

  2. I love this outfit!! That cardigan + satchel + necklace are just lovely!!! I love the way you paired this outfit together!! Very pretty

  3. your skirt looks very very pretty :) I'm studying like crazy these days too and love having a nice cuppa tea in the evenings beside me :)

  4. o gosh, I love all these fantastic autumn colors! world looks so beautiful,
    all October and November I've just admired the weather and the golden fall ;)

    anyway, great skirt :)

  5. Chelsea, I'm so thrilled that you picked out my necklace to wear. Thanks so much. You just made my day!
    Love your skirt. Big buttons are the best!
    XX, els

  6. Good luck with crunch time. Glad to hear you are taking moments away to enjoy some nice hot coffee! A sacred end of semester autumn pastime for sure.

  7. i have that necklace too and love it!! you look adorable as always!

  8. im such a sucker for the shoes shots. mark and i took one on the crossroad at abbey road and ever since then i find these types of photos so cute!

  9. What a sweet little outfit. I love that it's a little "different" (with those huge, adorable buttons) and I'm loving the colors! :)

  10. Ah! I can't express how excited I am reading this post. I know exactly the place you're talking about & the unique houses there. My husband & I used to pass by them every Sunday on our way to church while we were still in Tempe. I just adore them so much! Love the fall colors here.