December 22, 2011

Christmas Date: The Coffee Shop

Before Scott and left on our trip to Las Vegas, we went on a breakfast date to The Coffee Shop in Gilbert. It was a beautiful, holiday break morning, so we couldn't pass up getting some yummy breakfast and coffee at one of our favorite places.

We always feel so welcome at The Coffee Shop, and it was a real treat to have the owner, Jessica Cuff, welcome us and fill us in on what pastries were hot out of the oven. Scott and I both very much appreciate her kindness, and it definitely made our morning that much more sweeter. We're so thankful to have such wonderful people in this community!

This cinnamon scone was hot and delicious! We pretty much finished it up before our breakfast arrived!

Scott had a chorizo burrito, and I had the veggie scramble. Both were so delicious and very filling! Perfect for a busy day full of holiday cheer!

Christmas is almost here! We still have so many little things we want to fill in before Christmas morning, but I think we're going to have a lot of fun having jam packed days full of holiday cheer. First though, I'm headed off to the doctor to get some medicines for my ears. Vegas (and a family cold) has left me with an unbalanced equilibrium (I'm no rookie to this, sadly) and pain in my ears. Hoping the doctor can help me out and clear up all of this before Christmas!

Have you ever been to The Coffee Shop before? What's your favorite coffee drink? What are you up to today?
-Chelsea xo


  1. Chelsea! This looks so yummy! Merry Christmas! P.s. you have the prettiest eyes! The picture with you and your food shows them off nicely :)

  2. That cinnamon scones looks so delicious! Hoping your ears feels better ASAP!

    Katie x

  3. You two always eat the most delicious looking meals! Vegas sounds amazing. Feel better soon! I've been having terrible ear, nose, and throat problems as well. It's got to be this crazy weather.

  4. You two are so adorable. I hope you feel better :)

  5. Yuumm! Looks so good. Have a merry Christmas!

  6. I love the coffee shop! I work right across the street and frequent there often for cupcakes. It also has such a wonderful atmosphere!