December 18, 2011

Here We Go

And we're off to Las Vegas! Here's to a safe drive and an amazing few days in a city that never sleeps. If you have any suggestion of places to check out while we're in Vegas, I would love to hear them! Thank you so much in advance!

What are you up to today?
-Chelsea xo


  1. have fun :) I love love love vegas. I've stayed at the flamingo and circus circus and as an adult, recommend the flamingo. love jimmy buffet's restaurant that is next to the flamingo. really really good food when i went a few years ago.

  2. Hope you have a fun trip!!! Can't wait to hear about it and see all your outfits!

  3. Check out the Hofbrauhaus. It's an authentic German pub across from the Hard Rock. The soft pretzels and cream cheese dips are amazing!

  4. HAVE FUN!!! Jen and I were married in Vegas, had our honeymoon there and have vacationed there and yet there is still so much we want to see and do in the grand city. ♥

    Some advice: Definitely visit Madame Tussauds. It's AMAZING and you can get some great pictures, and some silly ones as well. ^_^

    Also, a gondola ride!!!

    Oh and make sure you take a walk all around the Bellagio casino. It's gorgeous. I also recommend going through The Excalibur. That's where we married and honeymooned! It's our favorite. ^_^

    Finally, if you travel outside of the city, there's lots of stuff surrounding Vegas that's so much fun. Ranches, horse rides, etc.

  5. oooh fun!! hope you guys have a blast!!!