December 19, 2011

Jane By Design Style Challenge #2

I'm so excited to announce that I've made it to round #2 of the Jane By Design Style Challenge! Yahoo! Thanks for all of your great support through this so far! I'm so excited to be continuing on in the interview process!

So for challenge #2 we were asked to take a plain, white t-shirt and create a design on it inspired by our personal fashion icon, using found items from our home or office. After reading the instructions the sweet face of the actress Michelle Williams popped into my head. I have adored her style for years now, and love how she always looks so effortlessly chic. I am sure I would wear just about every single garment in her closet (wouldn't it be amazing to have free reign on her closet? I just might pass out from excitement the second I stepped foot into it!).

I also adore how her style has truly two sides to it, a very girly, feminine side, and then a very minimalism, masculine side to it. I love that one day you can see a photo of her toting her sweet little girl around (has anyone seen how chic little Matilda always looks? she definitely has her momma's beauty and sense of style) in a sweet floral dress, and the next day she can look so chic wearing a pair of skinny jeans, pretty flats, and a great menswear inspired button-up shirt (which compliments her new short do so well). It seems like she just knows exactly what to wear for every occasion (all of her red carpet looks are winners in my book), and also knows how to keep an outfit very casual, but so stylish at the same time. If there was one thing I wish I could do well with my personal style, it would be that.

Michelle Williams is not only my fashion icon because of the clothes she wears, but also because of the confidence she emulates while wearing them. Miss Williams has gone through a rough couple of years, but her confidence for who she is and what she likes has not even appeared to have skipped one beat through it all. The way she holds herself in the public eye, with such confidence, grace and poise, is like no other young women of our current time, and for that I greatly admire her.

Before jumping into designing my t-shirt, I searched the internet for a few inspirational photos of Michelle. I found many photos of Michelle wearing these very feminine style, flowy dresses, and also some great menswear inspired outfits. One photo in particular really stood out, though, and I decided to base my design off of it. The photo is picture below and is from the 2010 Golden Globes when Michelle wore this amazing Valentino dress.

To me, the floral screams Michelle's style, so I decided to create a similar look on my t-shirt using tissue paper, needle + thread, and also some ribbon to add a sweet bow touch that I know Michelle would approve of. Each petal and center had to be cut out individual (to give each a unique touch, like the flowers on Michelle's dress), and had to be individually sewn on with so much care (tissue paper is SO delicate and I wanted it to look just perfect!).

I'm really thrilled with how the design turned out, and feel it really represents my fashion icon's style so well! So now that you know who my fashion style icon is, head on over to the Jane By Design Facebook page and leave a comment letting me know who your fashion style icon is! Don't forget to say that Chelsea from Tea Talk sent you! It would TRULY mean so much to me! I'm loving being involved in this challenge, and would greatly love to continue in the interview process! Thank you again for all of your support!
-Chelsea xo


  1. Love it cute & feminine! Just found your blog....and I'm pretty excited about it :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. awww super cute! love what you did!!