December 29, 2011

Jane By Design Style Challenge #5

I'm so excited to announce that I've made it to round #5 of the Jane By Design Style Challenge! Yahoo! Thanks to all of you sweet readers for helping me make it this far! Again, the challenges have been a lot of fun, I'm so excited to be continuing on in the interview process!

So for challenge #5 Jane, Gray's assistant, told me about how her life is a constant juggling act. Sometimes she doesn't even have time to change her outfit between her daily work schedule, and a high fashion event. Jane said it's so important to be able to change up your outfit in a snap, so my next challenge was centered on this idea. I was told to get into my Jane By Design trunk and pull out the plain, white button-shirt. I was then told to style it up on my dress form for a look fit for a day at the office, and then style up the same shirt for a dressy cocktail party.

For my daytime, work outfit I styled up the classic white shirt with a black cardigan, and a black and grey knee-length skirt. Black, white, and grey is a classic combo (my go-to color scheme in fact), and I thought the cardigan and skirt felt very appropriate for a day at the office.

I added my favorite Tiffany's necklace, and a pearl bracelet with a silver heart hanging from it. I feel both pieces of jewelry are absolutely timeless, and add something special to the outfit.

To round off the outfit I added a classic, black Coach purse, and my favorite pair of black flats. Each garment is comfortable enough to wear during a long day at the office (no heels and chunky jewelry to wear you down while you're running around), but each piece is also classic, and oh so chic. You can never go wrong with a little Coco Chanel inspiration!

For my cocktail party ensemble I decided to trade the black cardigan in for a black, moto-style, faux leather jacket, and swapped out the skirt for a shorter, more flowy skirt with a little bit of shimmer to it!

I also switched out the day-time jewelry for a sweet, silver owl locket. This piece is a little bit chunkier, and brings a hot trend to the outfit. Owls are so in this season, and I love the idea of bringing a little bit of nature into an outfit.

I rounded off the cocktail attire outfit with a mini-wedge, peep toe shoe, and also a brown leather clutch. The clutch was made from recycled, vintage materials and also has a little bit of shimmer on it (similar to the shimmer on the skirt). To me, the clutch is the statement piece that I feel every dressy outfit needs. It also has a great story behind it, and is something I'm more than proud to show off (it can also fit easily into my day-time bag, bonus!).

So now that you've seen my day-to-night outfits, head on over to the Jane By Design Facebook page and leave a comment letting me and the sweet people at ABC Family and Jane By Design know what are your day-to-night styling tips! Don't forget to say that Chelsea from Tea Talk sent you as well! It would TRULY mean so much to me! Also, If you're in need of some inspiration, check out this sweet video clip from Jane By Design!

I'm absolutely loving being involved in this awesome challenge, and feel so honored to have made it this far! Thanks again for all of your support, and here's to hoping I make it to the next round! I really, really want to continue on in the interview process! I'm getting so close! ECK!

Also, the Jane By Design premiere is almost here! January 3rd is when the show first airs on ABC Family, and I can hardly wait! Did I mention that whoever wins the challenge gets to have their blog's name mentioned on the show? How amazing would it be to be able to hear "Tea Talk" on Jane By Design? I think it would be more than a dream come true!
-Chelsea xo

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  1. I would absolutely wear both of these outfits! I've been having so much fun looking through your design challenge posts and hope "Tea Talk" makes it onto the show!! :)