December 1, 2011

La Grande Orange Date

Hello, December!

Over the Thanksgiving holiday Scott and I decided to go on a little lunch date to La Grande Orange. This sweet restaurant is one of our favorites, but sadly we hadn't been there in so long. The atmosphere is always a bit chaotic, but that's the beauty of it. They have the most amazing trinkets for sale, sweet treats, and serve up the best mac and cheese I've ever had!

Capturing the goodness that is the front counter on Instagram (of course haha).

Scott and I both were really excited for our little lunch date. We were both in need of a break, and settling down with some yummy food was the perfect way to relax and take in the beginning of our mini-holiday break.

I had a delicious veggie sandwich! I was hoping they would have their amazing butternut squash soup, but alas, the soup of the day was white bean chili.

Scott and I shared their famous green chili mac and cheese. I can't eat the chilis, so I eat around them and Scott gets the spicy bites! He's a trooper!

Scott got the tuna sandwich and really enjoyed it!

Before we left I had to get a honey latte. They always have the best coffee, and I just couldn't pass up one of their lattes.

I wish I could describe how delicious this was! It was sweet, but not too sweet. It had the best coffee taste to it, and was just overall perfect (seriously). Over the years I've become less of a latte girl (iced coffee forever), but I really loved this one! I wish I lived closer to LGO so I could have one more often.

Today I have a few errands to do (of course), papers to work on (what's new, right?), and a fun interview to do later this evening with a journalism student from my alma mater.

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What are you up to today? Happy December!
-Chelsea xo


  1. this my favourite restaurant ever! ahhh making me so homesick!

  2. I just heard about this place for the first time a couple days ago! Can't wait to check it, it looks leeegit.

  3. green chili mac & cheese give me an awesome idea! well, the idea is that im going to make some. hehe


  4. We have an LGO in Pasadena, but it doesn't have a bake shop! So jealous!

  5. I love that place but I don't get to go often enough either. Will have to make a point of it and try that mac & looks so good.

    Superstition Vintage

  6. This place sounds delicious!! I am going to have to check it out.