December 31, 2011

The New Year

Every year around this time I find myself contemplating what my goals should be for the new year. I usually write out a lengthy list, and often left it fall to the way side. Throughout the year, a handful of the goals are met (I usually write them with goals I know are definitely possible, and not super unrealistic), but I feel like this is not enough. My hope for 2012 is to meet small, reachable goals that will allow me to approve upon myself. Sometimes I feel I get so caught up in the rush of school, staying up-to-date with everything I'm involved (something I am more than thankful for each and every day), and worry about so many things that are out of my control. In the new year I would love to worry a little less (ok, maybe a lot, but we'll see), focus more on who I am becoming as an adult, cherish each and every moment I get to spend with Scott, and make this year one to remember.

Other small goals:
-take photographs just to take them
-write more letters
-read more
-do more freelance work
-wake up earlier
-not let a bad morning ruin my entire day
-use our film cameras more
-bring my new found healthy eating routine into and all the way through the new year
-make many, many more happy memories
-update my Flickr account at least every other day

What is your outlook on the new year?
Until 2012!
-Chelsea xo


  1. Your goals sound awesome! I can't wait to follow along and watch you reach them. xo, rv

  2. Good luck, they sound like good goals, and healthy eating always makes me feel great :)

    Celeste @

  3. Happy New Year! your goals are very realistic I might copy a few :p I Hope you meet them all :D

    Blakenetizen @

  4. happy new year! love your goals, friend. :) love YOU more, though!

  5. Lovely photo of a lovely lady! I could help you with one of your goals, let's be pen pals! Happy New Year!