December 11, 2011

Study Date

With finals among us, Scott and I have been searching for ways to get out of the house, but still be productive with regards to the mounds of school work we have piled around us. So the other day we headed down to Lola Coffee to get some yummy coffee, and spend some time doing homework by the beautiful light they have seeping through the coffee shop windows.

His & hers. He got a hot americano, I got an iced coffee (plus two espresso shots in it). This little outing was just what I needed. I was a tad worried that I would get too distracted with the music they always have playing, but the whole atmosphere ended up really put me in a good mood and I was able to get some work done.

Today I will be putting the petal to the metal again and try to knock out this final paper. I'm ready for some time off, reading for fun, Christmas shopping, and more blogging!

What are you up to today? Where's your favorite place to work?
-Chelsea xo


  1. cute blog! happy to have found it. My favorite place to work is in the studio; but that's because i'm a ballerina. xoxo

  2. I love knocking out some serious homework in a nice, peaceful cafe. When I was in school the best place for me to work was in a cafe, hot coffee in hand. For whatever reason I found I could really focus in that surrounding.