December 12, 2011

Tucked Away

I've always been a fan of finding those tucked away, quite places where you can get away from the city from a minute, and take in the beauty that is nature. On a recent outing Scott and I found this gem of an area tucked away in a quaint neighborhood, and I couldn't help but want to stay a little longer and enjoy this fall like snow globe we were surrounded by.

Lately I've been having fun layering up. I've always been a fan of layering, but during most months in Arizona it's not that practical (ok, but I still do it anyways). I've been really enjoying the chill in the air, and wearing my cozy boot socks. Today is extra chilly out and I plan on bundling up to the best of my ability. I'm thinking I might need a hot drink to keep my hands warm as well!

I recently purchased this darling skirt from The Velvet Bird's shop. I'm loving the quality, the fabric, and the sweet button in the back. I feel like this is a timeless piece that will last forever, and I love, love that it's handmade!

I'm also still loving my Jersy boots from Blowfish Shoes. They are perfect to wear when I need to layer my socks up, and they are extra comfortable.

Today Scott is officially done with the semester, and I still have one final paper to finish up. I've been handling this paper like a marathon and taking it slow, going back and forth to it when I feel like I can focus and be productive. Today is the day thought that I feel I need to finish it up! Maybe afterward we can do something fun to reward ourselves for a semester well done!

Always together, forever. That is how it will be.

Outfit details:
Cardigan: Jcrew
Top: Target
Black tights: c/o We Love Colors
Socks: Target

What are you up to today? Are you all done with finals? How are you staying warm this winter?
-Chelsea xo


  1. Oooh, I love this outfit - both separately and on you! You look wonderful!!! And that little area you found is heavenly. I love going into our back yard and sitting under our giant willow tree. So peaceful, any time of year. <3 Today, Jen's going into the dentist to see what she has - a bone fragment or a molar. :( We're hoping it's a bone fragment.

  2. lovely!
    it's so funny to see how it still looks like fall in some parts of the world haha. i would be out of my mind to go outside without my parka, scarf, boots, and gloves right now hahaha.

  3. actual falling leaves in AZ?? i love it!

  4. mmmmm i live in the city, too... and finding a little getaway in nature is always the best place to re-charge! i'm so lucky to live near the river, and that's always where i find myself at least once or twice a week.

    layers are so fun - i love your outfit! also, can i have your hair? kthanks!

    xx, kara

  5. Oh wow, what a great skirt! It's definitely something you'll keep forever. :)