March 31, 2011

Arizona Blogger Meetup: Part 4

The final post on the Arizona Blogger Meet-up is here!

After we finished up at Frances and Smeeks, some of us headed down to Aloft Hotel to freshen up and relax a little bit before the dinner.

I really didn't get many pictures from this transition time, but I found these two photos on the Arizona Blogger Meet-up Flickr Group. Thank you Kristen and Karie D!

When we got to the restaurant a few people were already there. At this point I didn't want to sit down, but instead hung out most everyone got there. I really wanted to be a good hostesses, and tried my best to visit everyone as they came in.

Once I did sit down I sat in a rounded table with a handful of the girls (Scott and Kelsey's husband Jim sat with us as well. Promise we didn't leave them out!).

After I ate some of the delicious salad and pizza that we had set up buffet style for the meet-up, I made my way around spending time with some of the sweetest ladies.

I was so excited to chat with Angela for a little bit. She is so sweet, and I absolutely admire her for all the hard work she has put into her company SeeSaw Designs.

I also had a nice time talking with Emily (although it was too brief). She's a Tucson blogger and it was so nice to finally meet her. I am hoping that we can meet-up or coffee and lunch sometime soon.

I had such a good time hanging out with Britney during the day and at the dinner. She is such a sweet lady, and I just love her spunky attitude. I can't wait to hang out with her again!

The whole night seem to go by so fast, but I had such a nice time meeting and hanging everyone! Scott took this photo of myself and so many sweet Mesa ladies when the dinner was wrapping up.

After the dinner was over a few of us went down to Mojo Yogurt for a late night sweet treat. Scott got us some cherry cordial froyo with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate covered raisins! It was such a good mix and I felt bad for eating most of it. I guess I didn't eat enough at the dinner (too busy and excited).

I feel like I can't finish these posts without saying that this meet-up wouldn't have been possible without the help of Danielle and Kelsey. We all worked so hard, and each of us had our own part. We worked so well together as a team, and I am so lucky to have them as friends. Thank you Danielle and Kelsey! Love you girls!


Arizona Blogger Meetup: Part 3

Today I want to wrap-up my Arizona Blogger Meet-up posts that include photos and stories from the second half of the day.

After wrapping things up at the Grow-Op, a few of us continued on to Frances and Smeeks in midtown Phoenix. These two shops are favorites of mine, and I was so excited to share them with my fellow bloggers.

First we went into Smeeks where we eyed yummy candy, laughed at bacon belts, and picked up orange creme sodas (well a few of the ladies did).

Once we were done at Smeeks we headed over to Frances for some exploring and shopping.

Everyone seem to really love the vibe of the story, along with all the pretty things they had for sale.

Kelsey, Vanessa, and I had a good time admiring all the pretty rings they had for sale. Kelsey ended up picking up the cutest pair of mustache earrings, and Vanessa bought a fun slap wristband watch for her boyfriend.

Courtney and I also had a nice time looking! I was so happy that she spent the whole day with us! She is seriously the sweetest lady, and I am so happy we are friends!

After we were all done looking around and making our purchases we went outside for some Short Leash Hot Dogs. Short Leash was nice enough to open early for us, as we were all in need of food after a long day (how did we forget to work lunch into the schedule?).

Everyone seem to really love their hot dogs, and were all impressed by the pita bread, locally made meats (and veggie dogs), and their awesome array of toppings. Scott got a hot dog with bbq sauce, coleslaw, and blue cheese on it. He was seriously so excited about it!

After most of the group was done eating we passed out goodie bags that Georganne of Frances and Smeeks was kind enough to donate.

The bags were a huge hit among the group, and everyone was so happy to receive such a sweet gift. I am still honestly blown away at Georganne's kindness, and I only wish she could have been there with us for the day (however, she was spending it with her daughter who she hadn't seen in months, a great reason to miss such a fun day). Thank you so much Georganne and to the whole Frances and Smeeks family! We love you!

Ok, I will be back later with photos and stories from the dinner!

March 30, 2011

Spring Ruffles

Now that all my planning efforts for the meet-up have ceased, my life has seem to only continue to be busy, busy. This week I have quite a few things due in my classes, and this weekend I will be going to Yuma, Ariz., for some family time. Even though I've been so busy, I've been trying to make an effort to do little things for myself that I know will only leave me feeling less stressful and overwhelmed at my situation, like going to downtown Mesa for a stroll and photos, or visiting with my cousin and chatting about how fun the meet-up was.

Cardigan: gift from my mom; Ruffle tank top: Frenchi via Last Chance; Burnt orange watch: c/o Tikkr Watches; Skinny Khakis: Banana Republic; Moccasins: Minnetonkas

Sunglasses: Ray Bans; T-shirt: Hanes; Olive you watch: c/o Tikkr Watches; Shorts: Volcom; Shoes: TOMS Cordones

Scott and I recently received these awesome watches from Tikkr Watches. I first heard about their company when the Texas Style Conference was in the works, and instantly fell in love with the idea of interchangeable faces and bands, and how simple, chic, and durable the watches looked. I also really like that they are based out of Austin, Texas! Such a creative, and awesome area!

I was super excited when Tikkr offered to send Scott and I both a watch to style and where around town. They have so many color choices of bands to choose from, and I love that you can even pick between two different watch face colors (white and black). In the end, Scott and I chose colors that we both liked so we could trade from time to time (ya know, because you shouldn't be limited in the color watch you wear every day!)

Since Scott and I got our watches in the mail (in a very cool, see-through circular packing tube // I'm a sucker for good packaging) we really haven't taken them off. We both have received a few compliments on them, and a guy even stopped us outside of a local coffee shop to ask us about them. To say they are a hit in our book is an understatement!

On another note, I still kind feel like I'm on cloud nine this week (even though I have mass amounts of work to do). Meeting so many of my favorite bloggers last weekend felt surreal, and I wish we all never had to go our separate ways. I felt so lucky to be able to spend so much time with Kelsey, Vanessa, and Danielle. We all had so much fun taking photos of our food, sipping coffee, and chatting about blog domains and photo accounts. I seriously miss those three so much already and can't wait to see them all again!

Are you a watch person? How has your week been so far?

March 29, 2011

An interview with Emily of Say Anything

Today we have a lovely interview with Emily of Say Anything. Over a year ago I found Emily's blog and have just adored it ever since. Emily blogs about her daily happenings being a broadcast journalism major (girl after my own heart), a girlfriend, food enthusiast, etc., and also about all the sweet things in life she encounters.

Meet Emily:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

-I’m Emily {but you can call me Em, everyone does}, I’m a 21-year old journalism student living in Ottawa. I suppose I’m a writer above all else, but really I like to think of myself as a world traveler, music fiend, aspiring novelist, big sister, happy girlfriend, carrot cake connoisseur, beauty/fashion junkie and creative soul. I blog and tweet about silly stories and all the things I’m in love with.

2. What got you interested in blogging, and how long have you been blogging for?

-I’ve always been a writer, a journal-keeper, a documentor and one day decided to take it online. I’ve had a whole bunch of blogs since 2004 before finally committing. I started Say Anything to keep in touch with friends. It was an easy way to mass-update, and I was completely bewildered when people started subscribing.

3. Can you tell us about your style?

-Where I live, we’re buried under heaps of snow for about 6 months. So, half the year is purely about warmth {think: long johns, multiple sweaters, and three pairs of socks}. Not so stylish…

When it’s finally warm enough not to wear snowpants, I’m all about dusty florals, stripes, plaid flannels, lace, leather, and little dresses. High-waisted skirts, knee socks, trench coats, peep-toe shoes, classic pieces too...

I’m sort of a work in progress, trying to find my style. Lately I tend to fluctuate between cosy library-chic, super girly-prepster, and a little rock n roll grunge. I always try and channel that innately European sense of style.

4. You're a broadcast journalism student (a girl after my own journalistic heart). How do you think being a student, and also someone that is in front of the camera from time to time, has changed your style?

-Comfort is key as a student, especially one who is running around interviewing so much, but I think everyone should be able to incorporate some glamour into their everyday outfits. I’ve never been one for sweatpants anyways, so jeggings {despite the ugly name} became king of my closet this year. My J-Brand jeggings, flat knee-high boots, and button down shirts are my campus uniform.

For studying, I’m usually in a thick-knit oversize sweater {pockets are good for pens and scraps of paper!}, skinny jeans and ballet flats. Kind of ironic for a self-proclaimed pants-hater.

5. What are your favorite trends for spring?

-I love the slim, cuffed khaki look with some cute flats and a striped shirt. I also can’t wait to wear high-waisted denim shorts with a classic white shirt tucked in and bright pink lipstick. Colour is another thing I’m going to experiment with…I usually stay in neutral territory. AND wooden platforms, but not too tall, I’m sort of a giant!

6. When you're not busy blogging, what can you be found doing?

-School and work usually, but I go on lots of dates with Ryan, do yoga, sip tons of peppermint tea, read, bake, find new favourite songs, try out Ottawa’s more absurd fitness classes, watch 30 Rock in hysterical laughter, and take polaroid pictures.

7. You seem to have a great love for the sweet moments in life. What are a few things that make your heart happy?

-True kindness. Friends all over the world. Freshly baked bread with honey. Forehead kisses. Spending time with my sisters. The smell of bonfires, jasmine, and brazil nut body scrub. Reading a perfect sentence. Getting to the bus stop right as it pulls up. Dancing. Picnics. Photobooth strips. Anything blackcurrant. That first breath of spring, and sunlight pouring in windows. Little kids speaking French. Freckles. Messy hair.

8. If you had to pick one outfit to wear the rest of your life, what would it look like?

-Cute floral dress, peep-toe shoes, comfy cardigan with pockets {I’m big on pockets}, a classic trench, wooly hat {just in case}, pretty scarf, and a big huge brown leather bag {try as I might, I will never be a little-purse girl}.

9. You currently live in Canada, but seem to have traveled so much and lived in amazing places (England!!). What is your favorite thing about traveling, and what is your favorite spot in England?

-My favourite thing about traveling is just realizing what a BIG, HUGE, DIVERSE world we have! And how exciting it is to venture out and explore it! Whenever I travel I’m always reminded there are billions of people just going about their lives. How crazy we all exist and are so unaware of each other.

My favourite spot in England? London. It’s electric. The energy just knocks you off your feet. I’m a big-city girl, so I feel quite at peace there.

10. Do you have any advice for aspiring bloggers? What about someone interested in traveling, but doesn't really know the ropes (tricks and tips!)?

-Aspiring bloggers? Well…I’m still working on advice for myself. Write with your own voice, don’t rely on comments and followers, dive into the network {there are so many friends out there!}, decide on what you want to write and write about it. Make a mission statement and post regularly. Mostly, have fun! It’s about you most of all.

Aspiring travelers? Just go for it! I’d recommend staying in apartment-hotels, which often allow you to live more like the locals, and get the full experience of a city. Don’t be afraid of language barriers and go everywhere with an open mind. The most wonderful things can happen if you leave space in your itinerary to just be somewhere.

Thank you so much for doing this interview with me Emily. Don't forget to check out Emily's blog for happy posts that are sure to make your day!


March 28, 2011

Arizona Blogger Meetup: Part 2

I'm back with part two of the Arizona Blogger Meet-up posts!

So after we hit the two vintage shops along Central Avenue in downtown, we all headed toward Roosevelt Row for the next part of our "tour".

Our first stop along Roosevelt Row was MADE Art Boutique. The shop is filled with cute handmade treasures, and also art books, journals, and other fun items. At this point I think everyone's feet were a little tired, so we all took a seat outside of the store for a moment.

After we all felt rested we made our way next store for some coffee, tea and italian sodas at Jobot Coffee. I walked into the shop to see Vanessa, Danielle, Paige, Jessica, and Brittney having the funnies conversation. The faces say it all I think.

Once everyone had a moment to grab a drink and take a break for a few, we headed toward the Grow-Op for our next activity.

During the day activity I wore a dress from Target, tights from Target, and Steven Madden oxfords. I went for a cute, but comfy look.

All the ladies seemed to really enjoy the urban garden that is growing around the Grow-Op!

Scott was there with me the whole day (as well as for the dinner) and was a huge help. I am so thankful that he is such a supportive guy, and I am so happy that he wanted to participate. Thank you my love for making the meet-up extra special!

Once we got to the Grow-Op everyone had some time to look around at all the vintage and handmade goods in the shop. Kelsey and I had a fun time looking around. I was so happy she was there with me the whole day. I really think we worked great as a team, and I honestly couldn't have done the meet-up without her.

Scott had a nice time showing Kelsey around the shop, and pointing out all his handmade lamps and wood burnings that he currently has in the store. Seeing him giving Kelsey a tour just warmed my heart. I am so proud of him for having his handmade goods at the Grow-Op.

After everyone was done inside they started on the crafts that Ashley and the team at the Grow-op had set-up for us. There were lots of flower crowns, and cute flower boxes that Scott was showing everyone how to make.

Once people were done at the Grow-op they were making their way over to Butter Toast Boutique to check out their pretty vintage clothing. I am pretty sure that Kelsey and Vanessa were having way too much fun checking out some of the sweet pieces they had on the sale rack.

Danielle, Scott and myself had a fun time looking around inside as well. I ran into my friend Janessa in the shop and she took his silly photo of the three of us.

Lots of the ladies were also hanging out in front of Butter Toast. It was so awesome to see everyone interact so well, even though known of them had previously met each in real life. It seriously made heart swell with happiness.

Ok, more updates to come! I still need to share our Frances and Smeeks adventure, along with the dinner that was so much fun.