June 30, 2011

Blowfish Shoes Giveaway Winner

And the winner of the Casita sandals from Blowfish Shoes is:

Congratulations, Claggie! Email me at Chelsea@Chelsea-Bird.com to claim your lovely pair of sandals!
-Chelsea XO

Canyon Mural

I've finally hopped on the bandwagon and joined the maxi dress trend. I found this dress at Target for a steal and figured it wouldn't hurt to try out the long length. Well, it's safe to say that I absolutely love this dress, and had fun wearing it while out running errands.

In Glenwood Springs they have this beautiful mural that just happens to match the color of my dress. I've always wanted to take photos in front of it, so I figured this would be the best time for that. The mural is in an alley way, but can be seen from the road if you drive by slowly and keep your eye out for it. It's a lovely piece of art hidden away for those who want to take a moment to truly appreciate it.

Since this dress is so long I decided a little bit of a heel was necessary in the shoes I would wear with it. I chose to wear my Casita sandals from Blowfish Shoes because they have a little big of a wedge, this way my dress wouldn't drag at all.

I have fun twirling around, having my dress move around in the wind. It was pretty windy this day, so it was nice not to have to fight with my dress to keep it down.

Needless to say, I am now a big fan of maxi dresses and will definitely be keeping my eye out for a few in basic colors. This fuchsia color is a bit different from my usual taste, but it is a fun dress, and perfect for a summer afternoon.

Outfit details:
Dress: Target
Necklace: gift from The Blue Balloon
-Chelsea XO

June 29, 2011

Bridge Afternoons

Summer time in Colorado means lots of chances to hang out around rivers and lakes. In Phoenix we don't really have too much water to hang out around (other than Tempe Town Lake, but ya know, that lake is kind of gross). So when I'm here in Colorado I like to take in as much lake time as I can.

In Delta they have the prettiest lake that people swim in and fish at. The lake is pretty large, and throughout it is different areas where you can take walks or put your feet in the water. My favorite area is this pretty bridge that leads into a lush green island that all kinds of ducks and birds living on.

Recently I recived this pretty cluth from Kristina of Krust. She makes these beautiful doily clutches, along with other pretty bags. She recently debuted smaller version of my beloved clutch, along with a few other designs.

I really love my clutch, and will definitely being using it a lot this summer (and into the fall). It's large enough to hold everything I need, but small enough to be carried around every day. If you're interested, you can check out Kristina's shop right here and pick up your very own!

Today I'm going to spend some time catching up on my favorite blogs, reading, going on a walk around town, and maybe eat a popsicle or two. I might also be rocking the top knot again. I just can't get away from it now!

What are you up to today? What does your perfect summertime date outfit look like?

Outfit details:
Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Dress: True Grit
Leather bracelet: c/o Flourish


June 28, 2011

An interview with Kaylah of The Dainty Squid

Today we have a lovely interview with Kaylah of The Dainty Squid! Kaylah runs the most colorful blog, and has some of the prettiest hair I've ever seen. She sews up darling pouches for her handmade shop, and picks mushrooms in her spare time (along with spending time with her cats, of course!).

Meet Kaylah:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

-Hi Tea Talk readers! I'm Kaylah, a (currently) blue haired little lady who loves cats, cameras, mushroom hunting and thrifting.

2. What got you interested in blogging, and how long have you been blogging for?

-I originally started my blog to be like a journal, at the time I was really into sharing pictures of flickr but was unsatisfied with how little I felt I could share so that's when the blog came about, and that was just over two years ago. (Boooo, I just realized I miss my two year "blog-a-versary")

3. Can you tell us about your style?

- Oh goodness, it's really hard to sum up my style. It's a little here, a little there. Normally awfully colorful, loud and and bright. But sometimes I feel more comfortable in earth tones. Ever since I was old enough I've been picking out outfits that people would respond to with something along the lines of "only you, Kaylah, only you" which I still take as a compliment! ;)

4. You have the prettiest, most colorful hair I've ever seen. How do you keep your locks looking so beautiful and bright?

-Thank you! It's a time consuming task that starts at the bleaching process but I think my biggest secret to keeping my hair bright is washing and rinsing with cold water! It really helps the color stay.

5. What are your favorite trends for summer?

-I really don't pay attention to trends but something I've been noticing a lot lately are bracelets! I'm crazy about them, I want a whole arm full!

6. When you're not busy blogging, what can you be found doing?

-When I'm not blogging, I'm normally sewing, hanging with my kitties, thrifting or picking mushrooms. Those are my four favorite things, I'm a pretty simple gal who is easily pleased.

7. With regards to fashion, what do you draw inspiration from?

-A better question would be - where do you not draw inspiration from? Seriously! It can come from a pair of shoes, the random colors my hair ends up or a painting found in the thrift store. I love finding bold pieces (like the shorts below!) and building outfits off of them.

8. If you had to pick one outfit to wear the rest of your life, what would it look like?

-Oh, how boring! I can't even keep the same hair color for more than two months let alone an outfit for the rest of my life. But the first thing that comes to my head is this blue vintage dress I own that has little tiny polka dots. I feel comfortable, beautiful and confident in it no matter what kind of mood I'm in. It's definitely my favorite dress. As for shoes I would have to go with a simple pair of brightly colored flats.

9. You sell the cutest zippered pouches. What inspired you to start your shop, and what do you see in store for The Dainty Squid shop in the future?

-Thank you. I started The Dainty Squid shop almost four years ago just as something to do but it quickly turned into my fulltime job! I have no idea what's in the future for the shop, I can only hope and work hard to keep this little baby of mine growing! I've been doodling new designs in my journal all the time and I am currently working on my clutch of the month project!

10. Do you have any advice for aspiring personal style bloggers? What about for someone interested in learning how to sew, but doesn't know where to start?

-Advice for aspiring bloggers - Be patient! For the first months it will feel like you're talking to yourself (and you might be!) but with time and hard work you'll make friends! Work on your pictures! In my opinion pictures are the most important part of a blog. A lot of people don't like to read and will just skim right past your content if your pictures don't make them want to read!

Advice for someone wanting to sew - buy a decent machine so you're not getting frustrated with it jamming, or other silly things that will make you want to just quit. (My recommendation is a Singer Advance, you can find them for just around $100) Next head to the internet and look for simple projects. The internet is an amazing source when you want to learn a new skill or hobby!!

Thank you so much for doing this interview, Kaylah! Don't forget to check out Kaylah's blog, and also her sweet shop!

-Chelsea XO

June 27, 2011

Delta Mural

The best thing about small towns is that they usually are full of quirks. In Delta, Colorado, they have murals painted throughout the town, each one unique in its own way. The other day I was driving by this mural featuring the different farming towns in the area, and just thought it was too pretty not to photograph.

I just love everything about this mural. The colors, drawings of local fruit, and all the different designs involved. It's like a giant advertisement for local Colorado fruit and produce! What a cute way to show off the state's local pride!

On another note, a few weeks back I entered a giveaway on the Calivintage blog and ended up winning my very own pair of Kork Ease Bette sandals. I had been coveting these sandals, and pretty much every pair of shoes made by this company for quite some time now, so when I found out I won my heart swelled with excitement!

After picking out my color of choice ( I went with the T-Moro), my sandals arrived quickly at my doorstep. When I opened up the box I was very impressed by how pretty (and tall) the sandals were. They're made out of gorgeous leather, and pretty suede.

They are a wonderful pair of sandals and I foresee them lasting for many years to come. Have I mentioned that the company has been around since 1953? I just love companies that have some history behind them!

This week I'm heading to Paonia, CO (if you look at the mural you can see the towns name plus a cherry, which the town is famous for). The town is very, very small, but they do have one of the cutest coffee shops I've ever been to. There are lots of pretty trees, and beautiful historic homes that give off the perfect small town feel.

Until next Monday when Scott gets here (!!!) I will be sipping iced coffee and hot lattes (they make this best at this little coffee shop), taking walks around the adorable neighborhoods, hitting up a few sidewalk sales, and planning out Scott and I's adventures while he's here! I already can't wait!

What do you like about small towns? Do you own a pair of Kork Ease Sandals? Have you ever heard of them before?

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Gift from my mom
Dress: Levi's
Bette Sandals in T-Moro: c/o Kork Ease (won in a giveaway from Calivintage)


June 25, 2011

Glenwood Coffee Date

Sometimes I like to take myself on coffee dates. Now, I know this anything new or something to be surprised about, but being up here practically alone (I do have my parents, but ya know) I like to take myself out and do something that makes me happy (as I can of alluded to in my Thursday post). So the last week I took myself on a coffee date to the Bluebird Cafe in Glenwood Springs, CO.

The shop itself is quite large, has lots of room to spread out so you don't have to be so close to your fellow coffee shop goer. They also have a nice selection of drinks, cute decor, and are always playing The Beatles whenever I go in there (major bonus).

This particular day I got an iced coffee and a raspberry muffin. The muffins from Bluebird are seriously the best, and I've never had one that I didn't like.

Do you ever take yourself on dates? If so, where do you usually go?

June 24, 2011

Blowfish Shoes Giveaway

Morning everyone! Today we have a lovely giveaway from Blowfish Shoes. One lucky winner will winner their very own pair of Casita sandals!

These sandals have been my personal favorite for the summer and I just know that you, my wonderful readers, would love them to.

To enter you must:
1. Tell me which pair of Blowfish Shoes is your favorite.

For bonus entries:
1. Follow them on Twitter
2. Like them on Facebook
(Be sure and leave an additional comment for each)

The winner will be chosen on Thursday, June 30th!

Good luck everyone!
-Chelsea xo

In the Raw

Sometimes a simple outfit is just what a girl needs. Don't get me wrong, I love to wear lots of layers, but I also enjoy wearing very simple outfits occasionally. Something I can run errands in, lounge around in, or even go out for coffee in (knew that one was coming, didn't you).

Well, this simple outfit was made for a movie date, a solo movie date. I had been wanting to see Midnight in Paris for quite some time, so when it came out and was playing at a nearby movie theater (well, I actually drove two towns over) I decided I would take myself out for a movie date. I packed my snacks, jacket, and tunes for the road and made my way over to a movie theater in Grand Junction, CO right before the movie started.

Knowing that this film was slightly on the indie side (I mean, it was only playing at the Camelview Five in Scottsdale and that is "the" indie theater on my side of town), I didn't expect there to be many people in the theater. Well, when I got there and finally got a seat I realized that I couldn't have been more wrong.

The theater was packed, absolutely packed and I found myself stuck in between two women that could have been my grandmothers. In fact, most of the movie goers where over 50 and I definitely was the youngest person (by far) there.

The movie itself was enchanting. I loved everything about it, from the costumes, to the plot line, to all of the cameos that featured some of my favorite authors, artists, and musicians from the past. If the movie is playing anywhere near you, I highly suggest checking it out. Oh, and if you don't have anyone to go with, take yourself out! To me, going to the movies by yourself is a sign of strength, and it made me feel good to go out and do something strong and on my own (it's the small things in life).

On a side note, if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen this photo already. I posted it on my Flickr/Twitter because I thought I looked really tough in it (and maybe slightly intimidating haha). I'm not one to be known as intimidating, but I thought this photo showed my tough side (or my look of death, as Kelsey put it haha).

Have you seen Midnight in Paris? If so, what did you think? Do you like going to the movies by yourself?

Shirt: Target
Necklace: Moorea Seal / gift from Diana of Our City Lights
Jeans: Levi's
Boots: Frye "Melissa Button"
-Chelsea XO

June 23, 2011

Gypspy Crown Summer

Sometimes when you're feeling a little blue, the best thing to do is to put on a pretty dress, a gorgeous piece of jewelry (or headband in my case) and take yourself out on the town.

The past few days I have been feeling a little down. I've mostly been by myself (other than family members) since I've been in Colorado, and find myself being homesick for my love (t-minus 11 days until we're together again!!), family, friends, and hometown stomping grounds. So since I don't enjoy feeling down (who does really?), I decided to turn my frown upside down and go on a walk and coffee date in downtown Glenwood Springs.

During my walk I headed down a little alley that had the most quaint, old downtown kind of feel. I just loved all of the old brick, red doors and window frames, and all the charm the alley gave off. In Phoenix the allies really aren't the prettiest (I'm really not sure if they are anywhere), so I enjoyed taking a quiet walk through this one.

During my outing I wore my new Moorea Seal gypsy crown the first time. I just love the gold chain, pretty ribbon, and the way it contrasts with my hair. I am more than impressed with it, and would high suggest any of Moorea's pieces to anyone. She's also the sweetest lady, and her blog is one of my daily reads.

This week I've been filling my ears with new music (why oh why did it take me so long to by The Valley by Eisley?), sipping iced coffees from local coffee shops (they have two darling ones in Delta, CO, where I'm currently at), and dreaming about the fall season already. This fall brings on a whole new chapter in my educational career, and I can't wait to start and see how it goes!

What do you like to do when you're feeling a little blue? What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Gypsy crown: Moorea Seal
Dress: Target
Flats: Born

-Chelsea XO