January 17, 2012

Arizona Winter

Yesterday I was reading a post on Calivintage and she mentioned how calm California winters can be. Well, this of course hit very close to home because I'm experiencing a very mild winter just a state away. Some mornings are bright, sunny, and a little icy, and others are grey, overcast, and slightly warm. I don't mind the back and forth temperatures, but I would like to feel like I'm getting some good use out of this year's winter coat (so far, it hasn't gotten much use).

I wore this outfit on a breakfast date with Scott a few mornings ago. I've been really wanting to style this maxi skirt up for a winter look. Since it was a fairly chilly morning I layered it with a thick pair of tights, and a few of my favorite layering pieces (a cardigan, infinity scarf, and a pair of boots). Come spring I think I want to swap the boots and tights for Saltwater sandals and the layered top for a flowy blouse. Ok, that's enough talk of spring. I'm truly a fall/winter girl (and sometimes never want the two seasons to end).

Today is for: heading back to class after a three-day weekend with Scott, more reading to catch up on for school, lots of coffee and tea, and cleaning up a recent vintage score!

What are your plans for today? Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

Outfit details:
Sunglasses: Classic Raybans
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Scarf: Levi's
Skirt: Nordstroms Rack
Boots: BP


  1. I live in North Florida and usually this time of year can get pretty chilly, dipping into the 30s in the mornings. But this year has been incredibly mild for us, too. In fact, yesterday was warm enough to turn the air on in my car. I wish it would get a little chillier if only for a couple weeks. - Leah


  2. I think I've almost started to prefer mild winters, even if my new peacoat never sees the outside of my closet.