January 13, 2012

Central Coffee Mural

Looking at these barefoot photos gives me a chill to the bone. Just a few days ago it was sandal weather and I was frolicking about downtown Phoenix with a very warm sun on my back and mind. Today, well today there is an icy chill in the wind and my ensemble will have many more layers than the past few days. However, there is no denying that this was a lovely day. Scott and I spent time downtown and stopped at this hand cut/hand painted sign that always intrigues us as we drive by it in Phoenix. Neither of us are aware of the local artist who put it, but we both think it's great. Who doesn't love giant coffee cups?

Scott is wearing our new Diana F+ around his neck. We've been having a lot of fun taking photos and we're only hoping they turn out. Maybe today we will finish up the roll and send it off to be processed. I'm so excited to see how our photos worked out! I recently watched a video that Kyla Roma did on how she uses her Diana F+ and can't wait to try out a few of her tips and tricks.

These sandals were a Christmas gift from my dad. Growing up he always gifted me the craziest pairs of shoes (think purple, furry, and elf-like!), and his love for them hasn't really subsided. These are Mephisto sandals and apparently many people swear by them. They're a little chunky for my usual taste, but if they're going to be comfy on long adventures during the warm months, then I'm all for them. Plus, they're metallic!

I'm not quite sure what all Scott and I have planned for the day (most likely coffee and homework), but tonight we're having dinner with our friend Adrianna who owns Le Mode Accessories! I'm so excited to see her and can't wait! Happy Friday, sweet friends!

Outfit details:
She //
Cardigan: Jcrew
Shirt: Gap
Jeans: Levi's
Sandals: Mephisto

He //
Shirt: Levi's
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Clarks


  1. Love your shoes! So interesting. It's cute that your dad always gets them for you. :]

    {XOXO, Deanna}

  2. I love the color of this model. Where did you find it? The coral body is so pretty.