January 3, 2012

Jane By Design Style Challenge #7

I'm so excited to announce that I've made it to round #7 of the Jane By Design Style Challenge! Major thanks to all of you sweet readers for helping me make to the end of the interview process! I am SO incredibly excited to have made it to the very end, but there is still work to be done and I'm here to get the job done!

So for challenge #7 Gray herself sent me an email telling me that I absolutely had to be at the premeire tonight (watched it with Scott, twice!) and had to take careful notes on what everyone was wearing because Gray says that at the end of the day, what people are wearing is our business. I was told I had to prove that I have keen powers of observation, and that I must be on top of everything going on. So for my final challenge I was told to choose one person I observed and write a "get the look" blog post! So who did I choose you're wondering? Well, Jane more than impressed with her overall amazing style, but one of her looks really caught my eye. She is also the new girl, and the one that everyone has their eye on, so I chose Jane and an outfit she wore during a day at the office, and out to a restaurant/bar afterward.

Now, I couldn't find a full photo of the outfit, but it was just too good to not do a "get the look" post because of it. Jane mixed a very mens inspired, button-up shirt (similar to the one we were asked to style up in a previous challenge) with a oversized, faux diamond/vintage inspired necklace, a colorful bandage style skirt, black tights, and some kind of amazing shoe (shoes were not entirely seen but they looked like a light pair of pumps).

So to recreate this look I searched around a few online shops and pulled together garments that would work perfectly to re-create this look. Jane's most stand-out piece was the bandage skirt she was wearing, so I knew I had to pick a showstopper for that one! I'm absolutely loving this look and would completely rock it myself!

So now that you've seen my "get the look" blog post, head on over to the Jane By Design Facebook page and leave a comment letting me and the sweet people at ABC Family and Jane By Design know what your "get the look" tips are. Don't forget to say that Chelsea from Tea Talk sent you as well (pretty please). Also, If you're in need of some inspiration, check out this video clip from Jane By Design!

I feel so incredibly honored to have made it this far, and have had such an amazing time with the whole interview process! Thanks again for all of your support, and here's to hoping Gray "hires" me for the job! Crossing my fingers! This would be truly a dream come true!

Also, the Jane By Design premiere was tonight and boy was it good! Check out the ABC Family/Jane By Design website for tons of photos and videos from the show, and don't forget to check out Jane By Design, Tuesdays on ABC Family!
-Chelsea xo

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