January 6, 2012

Simple Winter

So far this winter my layers seem to have come to a minimum. The weather has been warm, and circling around 80 degrees somedays. I'm hoping that cool weather is still to come (January and February are always the coldest months here), and that I will get a little more time with my layers and boots. I'm not ready for the Arizona heat!

I really liked this outfit. The whole ensemble just felt like me. If you were to ask me what my default outfit is, this would be it. I just can't deny my love for denim, a few layers, and a pretty bracelet.

Now that the new year and new semester is upon us, I hope it brings me a bit more of a structured schedule. Last semester I found myself struggling to keep any kind of schedule, but this semester I vow to keep one for myself. I work so much better when I'm on a schedule, and hope to keep one that will allow me to balance school, blogging, time with Scott and friends, emails, and hopefully a bit of reading.

Velvet turban: c/o Lulus
Jean jacket: Levi's
Top: Levi's
Vintage bracelet: c/o a giftcard from ABC Family
Jeans: Levi's
Boots: Steve Madden

This morning I'm having a meet-up with a sweet local girl at one of my favorite restaurants and I absolutely can't wait! Tonight I'm hoping to have a little bit of fun with Scott in the evening and I think I may involve First Friday (and a hot coffee drink!).

Do you work better on a schedule? What is your go-to outfit?
-Chelsea xo


  1. You are so, so pretty!!! I love this outfit, as well. We've been having some pretty warm Utah days lately, which is CRAZY. Normally by now we're covered in snow, and it's in the 50s?!

    In warmer weather, my go-to outfit is a pair of jeans (preferably a little bit worn in,) with a sundress and some pretty wedged heels. <3 Hippie jewelry is a must with this outfit! ;)

  2. That bracelet and that turban. I'm drooling over them so much. I really enjoyed that bracelet when I first watched your style video, and I think it looks so good paired against those dark colors.

    So good!