January 29, 2012

Sunday Update

Oh my! I sure didn't meant to take a day off from blogging after our amazing event, but sometimes life catches you off guard and you spend the day cleaning and taking care of a sick guy. Scott rarely gets sick (he has an incredible immune system, much unlike mine), so when told me he wasn't feeling too well after The Phoenix Style Collective launch party I figured he was just tired and didn't drink enough water that evening. Well, Saturday seem to prove us wrong and left us with a very sick Mr. Tea Talk (a silly nickname that Courtney calls him!). Today we're hoping he will be on the mend and can rest and relax after he gets off of work.

For me, I have a lot of catch up work to do and hope to make a LARGE dent in my school work. Sundays are for playing catch up anyways, right?

Also, it's almost February and I still have ad space available! If you're looking to advertise for your business, etsy shop, blog, etc., I would love to have you! You can check out all of the details right here, and email me at Chelsea@Chelsea-Bird.com XO


  1. I love those shades! They look great on you.

    xoxo, Jjanga

  2. super ironic that your blog is called "Tea Talk" when you guys are total coffee fiends :) do you drink tea too? lol oh, and get well, Scott!

  3. Hope you Scott is feeling better. Have a great week! xo, rv


  4. it's ok to take a day off every once and a while, you deserve it. hope scott is feeling better- mark is the same way. he never gets sick but when he does all hell breaks loose. if its any consolation, you looks super sexy in that pic!

  5. Take a day for yourself. You deserve it. I will satisfy my tea talk need with an endless stream of instagram coffee photos. :) You are the reason my starbucks allowance has doubled.