February 26, 2012

Cartel Coffee Lab Scottsdale

Recently Scott and I stopped into the Cartel Coffee Lab Scottsdale location. For years we've been going to the Tempe location of this speciality coffee shop, so we found it only fitting that we stop into their newest location (it's been open for awhile, but we never seem to find ourselves in old town Scottsdale).

The space itself is pretty charming, and their coffee is held to such a high standard. I've always been a fan of their cappuccinos, and couldn't pass up getting one this day. Although iced coffee is my favorite of all coffee drinks, capps are a close second. I enjoy the smell, taste, and look of them (Cartel always has the best foam art!).

Although our foam art was great this time around, Scott decided to make an addition to his:

An arrow in his apple for our sweet pals over at Arrow & Apple!

I was really digging the original art they had up. Cartel is known for showing off the work of local artists in their shops (they have three locations!).

The light streaming in from the windows was breathtaking. I love a good sunlight room.

Scott and I shared on their famous blondie cookies. For years Cartel never offered any kind of pastries, and I kind of love that they offer such delicious, locally made ones now.

Today is for homework, coffee, and tea. What do you have planned for this beautiful Sunday?
-Chelsea xo


  1. This place looks lovely, the art looks interesting and the coffee looks fab!

  2. Great addition to the coffee and I love the art!

  3. I love the foam art, it's so cute :)