February 21, 2012

Coffee Stop

A few days ago I mentioned that Scott and I often stop in at one of our favorite coffee shops to pick up drinks before we head out to way West Phoenix so I can go to my night classes. Since the days I go to school are usually a little hectic, we've had to find a balance between school, meals, coffee, and taking outfit photos. Every semester things are a little different, but this time around we've realized that we have just enough time to stop it for coffee, and take a few photos in downtown Phoenix before we have to make our way out west.

Finding this little groove has really been great for us. Since our schedules are quite opposite, it could be a struggle to sneak photos into the mix (the winter light, gorgeous as it is, proved to be a little challenging the last few months with regards to when we can take photos, but we've been making it work), but now that we've gotten this pattern down to a science (Scott literally times our coffee stop-SO cute) things are really working out great. I've often wondered how many other personal style bloggers balance taking outfit photos on a daily basis, and I guess it's all about finding a pattern that works for you.

In other news, the warmish temperatures we've been having here in Phoenix have myself yearning to break out all of my sandals (what can I say, I've always really loved sandals). I've been dying to wear my new Warrant wedges from Blowfish Shoes, and this was the perfect day to do so!

I LOVE the weaving detail, and they are incredibly comfortable. I wore them almost the whole day, and toward the end of it Scott asked me if my feet were hurting. When I told him that my feet felt great he was so surprised. YAY for cute spring wedges and Blowfish Shoes for killing it with another great Spring/Summer collection!

Now I'm off to a coffee shop date with Courtney!

How does blogging and outfit photos (if you take them) work into your schedule? XO

Outfit details:
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Flannel: Levi's
Jeans: Levi's


  1. I love this casual look. Love the plaid button-up and your sandals are darling.


  2. Probably one of my favorite outfits of yours...especially the shoes! I recently checked out your clogs (because I loved them), but alas, they are all leather. So sad :(

  3. Great sandals! Might have to look into investing in a cute (comfy) pair myself. When it comes to outfit photo's since changing my work schedule (7-4) I always have plenty of time for pics. But when I start a new job (hopefully soon) it'll be a challenge to find time. I guess we shall see when the time comes!

  4. Love the plaid!
    Taking outfit photos is tought with my schedule! Between school and homework its just hard to find time. The only time I can get good photos is when I convince my boyfriend to take pictures with me on Thursdays (which is our only not-so busy day!)
    xo Heather

  5. I'm so jealous of your sandals! It's been really warm here this winter (warm for us!) and it was +3C today but we received a bunch of snow so no open shoes for me!

  6. Okay, favorite outfit right here. LOVE IT!!! And yay for working out a schedule!!!

  7. Great outfit! Those jeans are fabulous. They look super comfy :)

    I find it a real struggle to get outfit photos in on a daily basis - I usually take weekend outfit photos since I have more time.

  8. I live in Arizona too! I don't take outfit photos everyday but I find it difficult just to get dressed everyday because of the 20-25 degree difference in temperature.

    Total respect for finding time in your day.