February 29, 2012

Elevator Love Letter

Some days do you every sit down to write a blog post and not know where to start? Do you start with a funny comment, or a little story from your week? Or do you just dive into it hoping that after you're done writing something will make sense? During my time as an undergraduate working toward my Bachelor's in Journalism I would often start writing an article and have no idea where it would take me. Sure, I know the structure of different types of articles, but sometimes all you have is little bits and pieces of the story that are coming out of your mind and you just have to believe that they will work out together later on.

Everyone's writing process is a little different, and I'm always curious how other bloggers go about writing their posts. Do they blog at weird hours of the day like me, or do they have a set time of day that they sit down and begin to write? I've found that sometimes when I sit down to blog in the morning (much like now) I struggle a bit with what I'm going to say, but if I sit down late in the evening my mind just spits out everything that I've been holding onto and thinking about throughout the day. I don't want to hold myself to this routine though, because every day seems to be a little bit different.

When I wore this outfit to class a few days ago I felt so dainty. I love the high-cut v-neck, and the pretty floral pattern. The fabric is also very movable, and the waist tie is a great tool for defining my natural waist. I also love my Cuvette flats from Blowfish Shoes (they're on sale right now!). Who doesn't love a great pair of transitional shoes?

Tonight the Phoenix Style Collective is having a meeting about our upcoming event (The Arizona Blogger Conference on April 28th at The Saguaro Hotel), and I believe there will be some vegan ice cream involved. The next few days are going to be a bit busy for Scott and I, but we're excited about all of the fun that is to be had!

How do you go about writing your blog posts? What's your writing style? XO

Outfit details:
Cardigan: Last Chance
I HEART Ronson dress: c/o Jcpenney
Leather bracelet: Jcrew


  1. Love those shoes! :)

    xoxo, Jjanga

  2. I start with the ending and work backwards... I don't know, it works for me - especially when it comes to stories. P.S. Thanks so much for the email a few weeks ago. I really, really appreciate it! Have a great day!

  3. Your outfit is so cute! Most of the time I know what I am going to blog about before I sit down to write it. I usually think of ideas while at work and write them down in a little notebook I carry around with me.

  4. Writing blog posts is definitely a struggle, mostly between what I feel like writing and what will be deemed interesting to read. Some (most) days I just want to write about the weather, school, or something else totally mundane.

    Vegan ice cream sounds kind of amazing.

  5. I blog when I feel like it. You know how sometimes you go through times when you feel like writing a lot? I write a lot during those times. When I have a "blogger's block", if you will, i have a bunch of saved up posts. This doesn't make for the freshest posting, but it keeps me very happy and does keep my blog populated with content.