February 19, 2012

Five Minute Break

During the week, Scott and I's schedules can be pretty hectic. From class, to lunch, to class, to another class (dinner in between), our mornings/afternoons/evenings can be jammed packed. Usually when we're on our way to my night classes, we stop in at Lola Coffee for a pick-me-up and occasionally a sweet treat.

This day, the sweet treats (maple cupcakes) were devoured before I even thought about snapping a photo of them.

In between our busy schedules, I always feel it's important to take a five minute break. Some days we don't have time to sit in the sun that is streaming in through the glorious windows, but when we do I really cherish it.

If you're feeling stressed (much like I do on these days), don't forget to take a five minute break. It could do wonders for your soul!
-Chelsea xo


  1. I looked at your picture quickly and for a second, I'd thought you'd cut your long locks off!
    I'm so glad that you get to take these breaks with Scott! I understand how hectic grad school can be!

  2. maple cupcake? um, yum.
    i love these pictures!

  3. Taking a little break definitely helps my mister and me. We're only in high school, but with all of the AP (college level) courses we take, we're constantly stressing! And waiting to hear back from colleges? Ugh! We constantly try to take little breaks to help calm ourselves. It always helps :)
    xo Heather