February 24, 2012

For The Love of Love

On Valentine's Day I wanted to wear something sweet. This darling grey and floral combo dress has the most darling pleated sleeves, and is my idea of the perfect spring dress. I originally had plan to wear this outfit sans tights, boots, and maybe even the cardigan, but the days weather had a different idea in mind.

Our Valentine's Day was a little chilly, but oh so sweet. We had a lovely lunch date together in a sweet neighborhood in Phoenix, and were oh so pleased to find out that my night class for that day had been cancelled. Happy Valentin's Day to us!

My sweet Valentine's Day present (Scott has the sweetest heart).

Scott treated me like a queen on Valentine's Day, and I'm so thankful for his love. I know some may say that this love holiday was created by the card company, but really, I love any day where we can celebrate our love and spend time together.

Over the past few years I have grown fond of giving watches as gifts to Scott for special occasions. Beforehand he was never really a watch kind of person, but overtime he has really come to love them. Just from the time I've spent "researching" different watches, I've come to learn that there is so much to them, and they are almost like the purses of men (you need a different one for different kinds of outfits!). I swear the last time I went into check out different styles a sales associate told this to me! I kind of love it though that Scott has something now that he really cherishes, not only because I gave it to him, but also because they're practical (Scott's ticket word) and something that he can keep for years to come.

Right now I'm still trying to plan out my day. I have a few assignments I should start working on, but I also really want to get out of the house. Maybe a coffee date and some time in the sun is in order? XO

Is there an item that you love giving as gifts (to your significant others or family/friends)?

Outfit details:
She //
Cardigan: Banana Republic
I HEART Ronson dress: c/o Jcpenney
Tights: c/o We Love Colors
Boots: Steve Madden

Sweater: Levi's
Button-up: Levi's
Slack: Levi's
Watch: Fossil
Shoes: Born


  1. Have you ever posted how you two met? I'd be really interested to read it! :)


  2. You both look great! I love that little dress on you!
    xo Heather

  3. Aww you guys look SO cute. I love your outfit and especially love John Scott's sweater. I am slowly catching up on blog-reading this morning and it was such a nice treat to see this post.

    Happy weekend! <3