February 4, 2012

A Friday Afternoon in Phoenix

Yesterday I had the best girl date with Sarah. We went to Lola Coffee and I had the most delicious iced coffee and amazing cranberry shortbread cookie. We talked about health, photography, and Phoenix (a few of my favorite things).

Afterward we ended up at The Phoenix Public Market for the Friday Food Trucks. After walking around for a few minutes we decided that we probably needed to get lunch at Short Leash Hot Dogs. It was Sarah's first time eating at the Phoenix food trucks, and I was so excited that I was able to show her around.

My veggie dog was delicious (complete with relish, mushrooms, ketchup, and a pickle to top it off)!

Sarah really enjoyed her hot dog as well, and is already planning to bring her husband, Josh, back to experience his first Phoenix food truck. It really was so great to spend the afternoon with Sarah. She is honestly the sweetest lady, and I'm so thankful that we met!

I borrowed the last two photos from Sarah's personal blog (hope she doesn't mind!). If you haven't checked out Apache & Honeysuckle yet, I highly suggest doing so. I always love seeing into the personal lives of such creative, and inspirational people.

Happy Saturday!
-Chelsea xo


  1. looks like you had fun!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  2. seriously, you make me really want to move to phoenix to hang out with cool bloggers and eat awesome food. only problem is i have the worst trouble spelling phoenix. seriously.


  3. Everytime you post a photo of an iced coffee, I want one! It's a little too chilly here just yet but I can't wait until summer arrives!

  4. I really think next time I visit the US I will need to go to Phoenix, good food...good weather..pretty surroundings..and cool people!