February 10, 2012

The Secret Garden

Every day has its ups and downs. Lately I've been thinking that I really need to take into account each victory (no matter how big or small) that occurs in my daily life. Yesterday I started the morning off with a giant bonk on my head (yeah, I can be clumsy), but throughout the day I tried to focus on the two giant iced coffees I consumed, and the cute clothes I splurged on at Athropologie (I did get them on major sale, but, ya know) instead of thinking about my aching head. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that I really don't want to let one negative thing totally get my entire day down. Ya know what I'm saying?

There's this great place on the ASU Tempe campus called The Secret Garden. Why you ask?Well, it's actually a real secret garden hidden in between a group of buildings. There's no large fence around it that you need to have a key to unlock (although, there is a small gate that I'm assuming they use to lock it up at night), and it hasn't been neglected for years (didn't you see/read The Secret Garden growing up?). However, it does have this wonderful charm to it, one that never seems to wear off on me. I will forever love this secret garden!

Oh my! It's almost the weekend! Scott and I don't really have any plans yet, but I do know that are noses will be buried in books and computers for part of it. Oh grad school, you really know how to brighten up a weekend (just kidding!). I would like to pick up a yummy coffee, and maybe jam out to some good music.

Do you have any plans for the weekend? XO

Outfit details:
Jean jacket: Levi's
Red zip-up: Levi's
Shirt: Kush
Bracelets: Vintage & c/o T.K. Jewelry
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Steve Madden


  1. I love your shoes!
    And I suddenly want a secret garden! Just like the film, if you've ever seen it?

  2. Pretty! I love finding places like that. Somewhere that looks untouched, just lovely.

  3. Cute jean jacket! Last spring, my photography class met there a few times to have our lectures...sometimes that places get's a little crowded! Looks like you picked a good day to do outfit photos there :)

  4. Cute outfit and I always love finding a secret garden!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  5. Adorable outfit! + I love this sweet little garden :)

  6. you look cute as always! yeah, i definitely know what you mean about not focusing on negativity, but counting all the positive things that happen. i was just talking about this to my grandma today regarding a friendship that i think is no more, and how i have to just let go of the anger and hurt i feel and realize all the good things in my life!

  7. i love positivity like that. sometimes its contagious and it lasts the whole way through. i find my negativity works the same way, but being positive is so much fun. i usually smile at strangers a lot. hehe

  8. I'm on the hunt for shoes just like those! and I hear ya about not letting the little negative things ruin your day. It's something I've been trying to work on so I really love your positivity :)

  9. tooo cute - love the jean jacket.

  10. Love your outerwear layering, Chelsea. Also, I noticed your hair is partially parted to the side! Looks great :)

  11. I love this post. You are beautiful, Chelsea. And this outfit is perfect. :]
    And your hair.
    and face. :]

  12. Love this outfit! On days where I don't feel like dressing in anything complex or remotely "fancy" I put on something like this. Jean jacket + oxfords are my go to's!

    Also, I totally agree with the negativity! If you choose to focus on the one negative thing, usually (in my case anyway!)you'll start to notice more negative things that you wouldn't normally even pay attention to! A cycle for sure.

    xo, Meghan