February 15, 2012

She Loves Me So

Last week Scott and I went to see one of our favorite musicians, Anthony Green, at a local venue. In the past we had seen him play with one of his bands, Circa Survive, a few times, and always at larger venues. Since this time around we knew he would be playing songs from his solo albums, we knew we had to go. It was a major bonus to see him play in a smaller venue!

We started the show in the back of the room in the 21+ area, and ended up closer to the front of the stage. I might have had a few panic attacks from being so close to everyone (how did I stand that when I was younger?), but otherwise it was a pretty special show. Anthony played all my favorite songs, and really had fun with the crowd. It was definitely a show that I will not soon forget!

This is what I wore to the show that evening. I may have taken off the cardigans because it got way too hot in that crowd, but otherwise I felt really great in my "show ensemble." I'm kind of really digging the mixing of patterns, and the pop of the rust color.

Today I have some work to finish up, and might be meeting Scott for lunch in Scottsdale. I also hope to see Sarah later this afternoon/evening, and could really go for some iced coffee right now. Oh, and maybe some chocolate too. We have WAY too much chocolate floating around our house right now! Oh my!

What are you up to today? XO

Outfit details:
Black cardigan: Levi's
Polka dot cardigan: Jcrew
Shirt: Quicksilver
Rust pants: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Vintage Coach
Bracelet & ring: Vintage, Kate Spade, and from a festival
Ritzy loafers: c/o Wanted Shoes


  1. Ugh, Anthony is amazing. Most people don't really know of him. He's my absolute favourite. Have you ever heard Anthony's "avalon" - the Colin remix?

    If not, I would start here:


    Glad to find a fellow fan!


  2. totally cute! i am LOVING the mixing of patterns...i gotta start doing that too. i'm going to try tonight as i have a girly date so hopefully i'll remember to take photos!

    on second look at these photos, this outfit is absolutely perfect...not only is the mixing prints fantastic but with the red pants (another trend i want to try out!) and the shoes...oh those SHOES! i die...they're amazing.

    great outfit chelsea. i think i say this everytime you post a new outfit post but this is my favourite :)

  3. Love the dots and the stripes together! You have such lovely style!
    xo Heather

  4. wait, aI need to youtube this ratist immediately! I often am ashemed to know so little "local" American artists :) You look very lovely dear! I LOVE that red jeans. Red jeans and stripes are a fave combo of mine! xo Nikki

  5. Love your outfit and those pants! It's so beautiful!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  6. Duuuuuuuuude! I saw him play at this TINY venue near my house in high school! As part of Saosin! And me and my friend made friends with him after and convinced him to give us a copy of their EP. WHA WHAT! :)

  7. For some reason I didn't peg you to be a Circa Survive fan!