March 12, 2012

Frances Summer Shop

During Carmelpalooza Scott and I stopped into the new Frances Summer Shop to have a look around. The shop had just recently re-opened, and were excited to see what they had been working on.

I LOVE these little ceramics!

This bench is one of my favorite things in the central phoenix plaza. It used to be outside, and I most definitely took outfit photos in front of it before.

Happy together.

If you're local (or stopping in Phoenix for a visit) be sure and check out the Frances Summer Shop (located right between Frances and Smeeks).

Do you have any cute shops like this in your town?
-Chelsea xo


  1. omg i want to go there. i have tons of new cute shops on my street and ive always wondered if sharing them would alienate readers or if it would make any sense to share something they could probably never go to. but i love reading this stuff on your blog. i get such inspiration from the stores and cafes you frequent. keep it come, and expect some of the same from me!

  2. Looks like Frances is holding onto its magic! I love the hemp acting as a holder! Such great merchandisers!

  3. Cute! I wish I got to go downtown as often as you do.

  4. This WILL leather goods totes are AMAZING! Hope today is a good day for you friend!! xoxox