March 29, 2012

Let's Talk Makeup

Since high school I've been a lover of fun eyeshadows. Every day I loved rocking a bold, shimmery color, and eventually found myself with quite the collection of M.A.C. eyeshadows (my favorite!). During my early days in college I decided I would take a break from the eyeshadows and just stick to my everyday face make-up and black mascara routine. A few months back (5ish years after starting my break) I decided it would be fun to pull out my old collection and give it a look through. Since then I've become obsessed once again and find myself watching makeup tutorials and haul videos (Ashley's are the best!), and wanting to learn more, and more about makeup.

So here is a few questions for you:
Are you into makeup? If so, what are your everyday go-to products?
Are you into eyeshadows? If so, what's your favorite?
Have any tips you would like to share with this makeup obsessed (but still a newbie) girl?

Thank you so much in advance! I can't wait to read your answers and suggestion!
-Chelsea xo


  1. I watch a ton of make up videos on YouTube! I buy alot of make up but don't wear it as often because I am intimidated. But- I think that experimenting and trying things is always te best way to find your own style so I always do that on a day when it's ok I'd I look like a crazy girl :) make up is fun :)

  2. Hey Chelsea! I loooove makeup! My everyday go to products are my MAC foundation (Pro Longwear Liquid), Maybelline mascara (you know, the pink and green one!), an eyebrow pencil, and a MAC lipstick. My everyday look includes a gold shimmer shadow and black eyeliner.

    PS I'm pretty sure you won a giveaway on my blog from a hundred years ago because I found a package with your name on it my moms house!! Do you remember that?! I moved away from Utah shortly after, but now I'm back for a few weeks! Let me know if you want me to send it off! =)

  3. Hi Chelsea! I absolutely adore your blog and enjoy reading it each say, so much! Like you, I love love love makeup and eye shadows and started a few years back getting really into it. I like to do my own makeup as well as many of my girlfriends' makeup. I love mac products. They have such a wide array of eye shadow colors but their bronzer products are my favorite as well! Every day, I tend to just do the quick face makeup, some neutral eye shadow, and almay lengthening mascara. Maybelline's new line of eyeshadows are also a lot of fun for experimenting with bold, glitzy colors!
    so fun : )

  4. I love that you aren't afraid of color, Chelsea. That shadow looks fabulous & very laid back on you. I get into a rut sometimes with my neutrals. I'll have to play with some color tomorrow morning. :))

  5. I actually just did a couple blog posts on my makeup routine, if you want to check them out. I really like my organic foundation, sephora peach beige eyeshadow, and clinique products - Leah

  6. I love, love, love make-up! I highly recommend Avon, they're affordable but they are also AMAZING. I also love Hard Candy for BOLD shimmer and dazzle. Of course, I've heard wonders of Urban Decay but haven't had the chance to try them out myself... So, hopefully soon!

    As for eyeshadow, I love purple (which is wonderful with blue eyes) and gray. Jen is a fan of light blue eye shadow and smokey eyes. We both love liquid eyeliner, glitter eyeliner and Maybelline mascara.

    With make-up, I think practice is what will really make perfect. See how your eyes look with different colored shadows, practice your lipstick (I find "blotting" the outline of my lips with my fingertip gently blends the lipstick around my natural lip line better) and just have fun. Play with color, play with style, look up tutorials, figure out what brands look and feel best on your skin (I went through a TON of powders until I found NYC Color Wheel powder. ♥) and... Yeah. Have fun! My basic rule. ;) And practice! Try new stuff!!!

  7. I'm huge on eyebrows. Benefit's "Brow Zing" is a-m-a-zing!

    Also with mascara, apply to BOTH sides of your lashes, I start with the tops of my lashes, then apply like you normally would. This makes a world of difference.

    For blush, Benetint is amazing. It's a tint that can be used for lips AND cheeks.

    I'm generally a minimalist with my makeup. Light mineral powder foundation (I use Smashbox), fill in my eyebrows, pink or reddish blush, black eyeliner and mascara, and lip gloss.

    I like it's so pretty to have plain doe eyes and bold cheeks.

    Good luck exploring new makeup techniques!!

  8. I loooooove makeup! I guess my main go-to's are benefit erase paste and maybelline one by one mascara. I'm also a big fan of maybelline's new color tattoo eyeshadows. I only have two but they are amazing! and, of course, urban decay primer potion.
    my favorite eyeshadows are stila. my "i don't have time to do my makeup because i'm in such a hurry" eyeshadow is this one: which i actually got from for $13! (and if you haven't been there then GOGOGO!)
    i think you mentioned once that you use bareminerals? i found a brand online called everyday minerals and i actually prefer it. they have a bigger color range and it's CHEAPER! :)

  9. lately i have been sticking with a very neutral shadow and a thick winged eyeliner.

  10. Love love love it! My only super expensive eye shadows that I won are Urban Decay (I have the original Naked palette). They are definitely high quality and look gorgeous on! I also love Maybelline's Eye Studio Baked Shadow Duos...they're so SPARKLY! (Most of my eye shadows are sparkly, haha)

  11. I'm a sucker for multi-use products, and W3ll People's Universalist Multi-Use Color Stick is the prettiest lip/cheek tint I own.

    Also, Alima Pure has some of the sweetest all natural shadows!

  12. Have you ever used a BB cream? I just started using the Smashbox version and I love it. I don't like how heavy most foundations feel and BB creams have so many other benefits (vitamins, SPF, makeup base).

    I usually use MAC eyeshadows just because the pigment is better, and I LOVE MAC lipsticks- Verve and Creme de Nude are favorites. Also Buxom makes really fun lipsticks that come in a twist tube and have a plumping agent in them. I wear mine probably every other day!

    Something that probably isn't a necessary item, but one that I adore, is BeneFit Girl Meets Pearl. It leaves a pearly shine (uh, that is probably obvious, ha), but my favorite thing about it is the smell. It smells like flowers! I HATE THEIR MASCARA THOUGH.

    What is the shade you're wearing in your picture? I usually buy neutral shades with a few highlighting colors (MAC "Swimming" is a beautiful green), but I don't have anything close to what you're wearing and it's very pretty.