March 25, 2012

Lunch At The Market

I'm a pretty big sandwich person. I could probably eat a PB&J every day of my life and be perfectly content. Every once in awhile I like to branch out though and eat some leafy greens instead of peanut butter. Recently Scott and I went to the Phoenix Public Market for lunch and ate the most delicious sandwiches (she=veggie, he=bbq chicken). If you haven't checked out the market in downtown, I highly suggest you do so. During my time at ASU downtown it was one of my favorite places to grab a quick lunch, or even a bag of sweet potato chips and a pellegrino. Seriously though, it's the bees knees!
-Chelsea xo


  1. Im a huge fan of sandwiches too <3 i cant find them at the market though... But i can find delicious quesadillas :p (Im from México...)
    Both sandwiches look so yummy.

    Have a lovely sunday(:

    Carmila Ponycat

  2. Y'know what I'm having for dinner as I read this?

    ...a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Ha! It's great for those nights when my room is just too cozy to go off in search of food.

    xo Julie

  3. You always have the best food & coffee photos. They always make me hungry. :)

  4. This looks delicious. Next time I visit my friends in Phoenix, I'll have to stop at Public Market.