March 19, 2012

Manicure For Me

Yesterday my mom took me to get a manicure with her. In my almost 24 years of life, I've probably only gotten a manicure two, maybe three times. I'm pretty good at keeping my nails trimmed, and can paint them just fine, but sometimes it's nice to have a professional take care of them. I'm usually a red, or light color kind of color, but decided to go a little wild and paint them blue. I'm pretty sure I have this Essie color in my collection already (a mini from a few seasons ago), and will be trying it out again.

Do you like to get manicures?

Thank you for the sweet thoughts while I ease back into blogging.
-Chelsea xo


  1. Hi Chels,
    I hope that you're doing alright and that things are getting a little easier as time goes on. It's great that you got to spend some time with your mum today and get pampered a little! Great colour choice, so fun!

    Sending my love...


  2. Gorgeous nails! I tried blue one time, though I didn't think I'd like the shocking color (Azure from Essie) but... I LOVED IT!!! Blue is definitely a fun nail color. :D I want a pretty aqua color now!!!

  3. love the color!!!!! i haven't been to the manicure since last year when i lived in chicago but they are def a treat when i go!!

    love you, sweet friend.

  4. Manicures are the best! For whatever reason, they just always look way cleaner and better when professionally done, I think! Yours is so cute!

    Ask us a question for our vlog!!

  5. Love the colour! & I don't really like getting manicures. I get one once in a blue moon, but I feel like no matter where I go, down here in Florida at least, the ladies who end up doing my nails always have the thickest accents, and I can't understand a word they're saying!
    xo Heather

  6. Obsessed! I wear really crazy nail colors a lot of the time, haha. Sometimes I have to tell myself to tone it down :)

  7. omg, im like a fiend- im always scheming when i can get my next manicure fix! and that isnt the only thing i get done at the salon. sometimes it costs me $80 to get out of that place!