March 1, 2012

Matt's With Friends

Last week Scott and I went on a breakfast date with our friends Sarah and Josh to Matt's Big Breakfast. It was Sarah and Josh's first time eating at the tiny diner, so we wanted to make sure they had a nice experience. We got up early to get there before the morning rush came in (we just missed it coming in), and got in really quickly (which was amazing, because we've waited over an hour to get in before!).

I LOVE being in the city in the morning. I spent almost every morning down the street from here (in that maroon and gold building pictured below) during my time as an undergraduate at ASU. I still miss my old school, and can't believe I've almost been gone a whole year.

It was really great getting to spend time with Josh and Sarah. They are still fairly new to the area, so we plan to show them around to a few more of our favorite restaurants and coffee shops!

Today is also Josh's birthday! Happy Birthday Josh!

I love the coffee at Matt's! It comes from a local roaster a little bit outside of the city, and they really like to keep your cup full while you're chowing down!

Scott had the special this day. It was some sort of egg scramble with sausage and peppers and hasbrowns. He really enjoyed it!

And I had my favorite cheese omelet with homefries. Can't go wrong with this delicious dish!

Out of all the things I've tried at Matt's (which isn't too many, but I try to branch out every once and awhile), their whole-wheat toast with strawberry jam and butter is my most favorite. I could eat this solely as my morning breakfast! It's SO good!

Do you have a favorite breakfast spot? Any local to the Phoenix area?
-Chelsea xo


  1. there is an australian coffee bar down the street from me that makes toast like that. thanks for reminding me, now im craving! my bf and i are trying to do all the brunch places in our neighborhood so once its warm out, we can bike to new neighborhoods and explore more brunch joints.

  2. happy birthday josh! fun post! x

  3. breakfast is definitely my favorite meal of the day. i love going out for breakfast especially when i'm on vacation- there's nothing like sitting out on a patio with a cup of coffee to take in a new city.
    oh, and i love your scarf.

  4. Where is Matt's? I live in East Mesa and would love to try it! I keep hoping that I will run into you at some point. Thanks!