March 7, 2012

Nami Date

A few nights ago I was craving something sweet after my night class. I was thinking frozen yogurt would be good, but I really wanted a non-dairy option. Scott suggested we make a stop at Nami, a vegan sweets and coffee shop right outside of downtown Phoenix. After he made the suggested I instantly had a craving for the best (and only) soynamis in town!

Scott got the Soy Capitan, and I got the O'Ginger Snap (my favorite!).

The mixture of the soft serve is part soy ice cream, and part coconut milk ice cream. I recently gave soy ice cream another try, and was really sad that I ended up with a terrible stomach ache after eating it. Nami's half and half mixture really seemed to do the trick though, and I felt great after eating it!

I really love the space that Nami sits in. Even though it's super tiny, the way that they have it set up really makes it feel much bigger than it actually is.

I really love going on late-night dates, and I'm so thankful that such neat little places like Nami exist in the Phoenix area! Thanks for making the suggest of stopping by my love! I have a feeling we might be making late-night stops at Nami more often!

-Chelsea xo


  1. Oh my this place looks lovely!

  2. next time we're in phoenix we'll definitely be stopping by! we keep meaning to try the new green location too. but...dessert first! ;)

  3. i still haven't tried it! hope to get there soon.