March 6, 2012


Throughout my years of blogging I've come to find a "workflow" that really works well for me. This term "workflow" is not something that ever really came to mind until recently when my friend Sarah so graciously told me about how she handles her workflow with regards to her photography business. I guess you could say that I've always had patterns in how I do things, with my blog and also my with career as a journalist, but actually putting a title on these patterns seem to put things into perspective for me and really made me think about what situations, things, and little rewards make my workflow successful for myself.

Yesterday a sweet friend (Paige!) that I spent time with during my early days in Journalism school said she was proud of me for going through Grad school, and just to keep drinking those iced coffees and I would be fine! I know it sounds silly, but iced coffees are totally my vice when it comes to getting work done. If I have one next to me, ready to sip on at any moment, I'm golden. It's amazing what a little coffee (and sweet encouragement from friends!) can do.

I wore this outfit to campus the other day. Another part of my workflow that I've come to embrace this past semester is going with Scott to the main campus when he has class so I can spend time in the library. I've never been one to do well working at home, so it's always nice to have that relief of being out of your home-life element and in a space where you know you can think out loud and be surrounded by people who are in a similar situation as you.

Today I have class and a research proposal paper to work on. After class though tonight Scott and I will be stopping by the 3 Days to Austin event down at CO+HOOTS! If you're not busy, you should definitely stop by!

What is your work flow like? XO

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Scarf: Levi's
Top: Target
Bracelets: Vintage
Jeans: Levi's


  1. That scarf looks perfectly cozy and the shoes are an amazing pop of color! Love!

  2. So lovely; absolutely want those flats!

  3. Even I've noticed how iced coffees are your vice! But given all of the vices out there, that's not a bad one at all.

  4. i love me some iced coffees, too! yum yum. nothing better to keep you going through the day. [: