April 12, 2012

Bird Is The Word

So I've already proclaimed my love for "put a bird on it," and now I want to tell you that I'm still so into birdie tops. What's not to love about a fun pattern that completely matches your identity? I'm not sure, but I sure am in love with this blouse from Lulus. The blue is just that kick of color that I need in my life, and the sweet print is totally me. I also love the extra length in the back, and how sheer it is (perfect for the warm days we've been having around here!).

Scott is such a good sport and lets me take photos of him occasionally. He also holds my purse, my coffee, and usually my sunglasses while he takes outfit photos for me. To say I'm lucky would be an understatement. I'm so thankful that he's so supportive of something that I love to do.

And sometimes I sneak drinks of my iced coffee in between photos.

Today I have some school work to power through. Lately, grad papers are ruling my life. During my undergraduate I did A LOT of writing, but even though I've had all that practice, I still find myself struggling a bit. Research/conference papers are a completely different style of writing, but I'm definitely using the skills I do have to make them more manageable. I try to take my papers one section at a time, and then decide to come back later once I feel I just can't write anymore. So far things have been working out nicely, but now I really need to kick things up a notch and really tie everything together. I can do this, right?

What are you up to today? How do you motivate yourself to finish up school papers? XO

Outfit details:
She //
Jeans: Levi's
Clogs: c/o Ugglebo Clogs

He //
Button-up: Eddie Bauer
Pants: Levi's
Watch: Fossil
Shoes: Clarks


  1. Geeze Chelsea, how are you so damn adorable? I won't lie, I was unsure of what to wear to work today, but you may have inspired me to pull out a bird top of my own and some good pair of jeans. Ha!

    As for the papers, I'm the worst procrastinator. I'm usually starting my paper about then time I should be finishing it. Scary deadlines are my motivation. You seem to be much more put together!

  2. I love that shirt!! And also that skit (bit? sketch? whatever!)...

  3. This style of top looks so cute on you! I love it. It's such a cute blouse too...and hello, those Ugglebos?? Amaaaazing! Your hair is so long and gorgeous Chelsea. Are you tired of me talking about your hair yet and how perfect it is?

  4. Love this outfit, the colour is really good for you and I love loose tops and skinny jeans!

    You and Scott make such a cute couple :)

  5. Great outfit! That top is stunning and the bright green background is just perfect. Great shots!

  6. have you ever thought of getting one of those reusable cups w/ the straws? I love all the plastic they save in the long run : ) love how Scott is so stylish too, you two are just the cutest! & having him hold a million things & photograph sounds just like my sweet guy.

  7. One of my favorite outfits on you ever! <3

  8. I am having the same problems with my final papers! I've written so many and each on is difficult in it's own way. I honestly just do the same thing you do and take it one section at a time. It makes it SO much more manageable. And sometimes I take little blogging breaks like this one!

    I'd also like to say how much I love your blog. It is so much fun to read.