April 24, 2012

The Chelsea Veggie Dog

I've already proclaimed my love for the local food truck Short Leash Hot Dogs and their amazing veggie dogs, but recently while visiting them at Food Truck Friday at the Phoenix Public Market I ordered what is probably my favorite veggie dog to date.

I give you the Chelsea Veggie Dog! Its got: ketchup, thousand island dressing, relish, pinto beans, and mushrooms (placed on top of a veggie dog, covered by Naan bread). In all honesty, this veggie dog concoction is amazing, and if you're local you should definitely check out Short Leash and asked for this (it's not called the Chelsea Veggie Dog, but they definitely have all of the ingredients on hand). If you're not local, this could easily be made at home and would be the perfect lunch on a warm day (because veggie dogs mean Summer, right?).

Enjoy! XO


  1. I love veggie dogs! They are so versatile... but I try to keep them as a treat since I have to limit my bread intake...I will need to experiment more with beans...that looks delicious!

  2. I LOVE Short Leash! That combo sounds delish. Okay, now I'm craving some fried pickles...