April 1, 2012

Easy Like Sunday Morning

I'm not going to lie, Sundays have never really been my favorite day of the week. I'm always scramming to get things finished up, and oftentimes I don't get out of the house (and around 6 p.m. I start to go stir crazy after everything is closed!). However, for as long as I can remember my Sunday mornings have always started with a donut and the television program CBS Sunday Morning. Over the years I've added coffee to the mix, and sometimes I've had to change up my routine when I'm out of state, but overall, I cherish that hour or so where I just get to sit and eat my donut, sip my coffee, and learn about things I sometimes never even thought to question.

What does your Sunday morning look like?
-Chelsea xo

Photo by the lovely Arrow & Apple.


  1. this sunday was sublime. mark had off for the firs time in two weeks. we slept in and i made pancakes and coffee. we're still just chilling out.

  2. What a lovely photo of you and Scott<3

  3. sundays are my favorite. they are usually my day of 'acceptable laziness' if you may! breakfast with my boyfriend, watching movies on the couch, taking the dogs for a walk. i love them : ) yours sounds just as lovely!

  4. My sundays are the best! It's my lazy day and I sleep in to enjoy the day and weather, I can't wait for the summer!

    xoxo, jjanga

  5. Sigh and swoon, what a lovely photo of you two. I did almost NOTHING productive yesterday! I laid on the couch and only left the apartment to pick up a few necessities at the grocery store. In my old age (ha!) I find cooking and baking to be more relaxing than anything! My homemade choco chip cookies and salsa turned out pretty good :)

  6. This is such a beautiful shot! Sundays are my lazy day so I can't really complain :)