April 14, 2012

No Sunlight, No Sunlight

Ok, the title might be a bit misleading. There has been plenty of sun around here the past few days, but yesterday the Phoenix area decided to cool down a bit and gave us a little shade and a cool breeze. To say I'm thankful for the amazing weather would be an understatment. I'm already so ready for fall. Can we just fast forward through the summer months? Wishful thinking I guess! What do you do to get you through the summer months?
-Chelsea xo


  1. I LOVE Autumn, it's my favorite season. However, I am pretty grateful for Spring. I don't like HOT HOT HOT weather, but when it's warm enough to lounge in the sun, work in the garden, dig my hands in the dirt and ride my bike... I'm pretty darn happy! I also love when it's warm enough in the morning and evening to sit outside and wake up/relax/whatever!

    When it's hot (especially in this Desert Heat), I like lounging around inside with a fan on, a cold drink and popsicles. I also love wearing sundresses over jeans. <3 If I'm outside, I just try and keep sipping liquids, especially anything like AriZona tea. Mmmm!

    Here in my neck of the woods, we've been having SO much rain and I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Florence + The Machine reference?