April 13, 2012

A View From The Top

Can you believe that I still have more amazing photos to share that Sarah took of Scott and I? Truly though, I'm incredibly thankful for these sweet photos and will cherish them forever. Maybe I should look into making them into a Blurb book. Anyone every had any luck with that before?

These photos were taken on the top floor of a parking structure in downtown Phoenix. The sun was almost set, and the view was breathtaking. Scott and I had been up here a few years ago when I was still going to school in downtown, and thought it would be perfect to bring Sarah up there.

I LOVE all the city lights in this one (and our giggling expressions).

And right as this photo was taken, there was a security guard standing watch over us. At least he was nice enough to let us finish with our photos before he told us we had to leave. Oh, what a funny moment it was!

What are you up to today? Any weekend plans?
-Chelsea xo
All photos by Arrow & Apple.


  1. You should definetly make a blurb book! I surprised my husband with one after our wedding, filled with photos from beginning to present day in our relationship. I also wrote a story of how we met & silly little things about us! He loves it & looks at it all the time. ;) it's nice to have a collection of photos in one book. Love your blog! And all of these wonderful photos of you two! The fourth one is my fave!


  2. that is bizarre a security guard said you had to leave just for taking photos! super cute though, love the laughing one of you two & I feel ya about being ready for fall already!

  3. I would highly recommend a blurb book! I only had great success with it:) It also makes for an extra special gift.

    Love from Tucson,