April 18, 2012

White On Purple

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you probably know that I'm partial to darkly colored clothing. Greys, blacks, and denim is my comfort zone, but just for fun I thought it might be nice to change things up and wear something a little light.

A sweet classmate of mine told me that I looked very refreshed in this outfit. What a nice compliment! Maybe I should wear my bright whites and cream colors more often!

I love the sweet ruffles down the front of this blouse, and cute little buttons down the back. It's a perfect top for summer, and one that I'm already getting a lot of used to. It's supposed to hit almost 100 degrees this weekend!

This past weekend and week really has been so lovely. Attending the Sucre show on Sunday was just great, and getting to meet some of my most favorite blog/instagram friends made it that much more sweet (I'm looking at you Elsie and Maria!). Like I mentioned on Twitter, I am so thankful for the blogging world and all of the amazing people I've met because of it. I truly can't imagine my life without blogging. Geez, now I'm getting all teary eyed. Anyways, have a lovely one! XO

Outfit details:
Jeans: c/o Roxy
Moccs: Minnetonkas


  1. You do look awfully lovely in these colours miss, I think your hair really is the icing on the cake with this one!!

  2. that shirt is divine and that wall is perfection!

  3. Grey, navy and denim are definitely my fashion comfort zone, but I've been stepping out lately with light pink and bright purples. It's fun to change up your look and I'm sure you look great in any color! The buttons on this shirt are my favorite part.


  4. So simple but so great!:)