April 4, 2012

Yellow Paisley

Lately I've been really loving the kimono trend that has been popping up this spring. Recently when Scott and I were browsing around at one of our favorite discount shops I spotted this pretty velvety kimono that practically screamed my name. I adore how flowy it is, and really love how it's a nice transitional piece into spring and summer (even though it's warm, I'm still all about the layers!).

Last week I asked about everyone's makeup routine, and suggestions and what products they love. This week I'm still obsessing over eyeshadows and finding the perfect eyeliner (although, Ashley gave me some great suggestions that I can't wait to try out!). I really love the teal eyeshadow I was wearing this day. Such a fun pop of color!

Lately I've been really loving these Baylee wedges from Blowfish Shoes. They are extremely comfortable, and I adore the criss-cross detail on the top. They're a perfect wedge for spring and summer!

Today Scott and I are headed down to Southern Arizona for a few days. I'm thinking I might need to pick up some new music before we start our drive. I just might want to buy the Hunger Games soundtrack, just maybe! Oh, and I wanted to say hello to all of the new Instagram users out there! You can find my Instagram feed at: Chelseabirdd ! Hope everyone has a lovely day! XO

Outfit details:
Kimono: Winter Kate
Blouse: Last Chance
Jeans: Levi's


  1. I love it! Plus your eye makeup its really nice! :)

    xoxo, Jjanga

  2. oooh that kimono. It is PERFECTION. I've seriously been looking high and low for a good kimono, and that one is everything I've ever wanted. Ack!! I need to find one!

  3. What is the name of this magic discount store where you found that absolutely perfect kimono??? You look fantastic, love everything about this outfit.

  4. That kimono-ish top is so pretty :) i love yelow for spring! x

  5. Awww. I love this outfit! I might have to purchase those wedges. I keep eyeing them and everytime you're wearing them, it makes me want them more!

  6. i love your kimono top! i've also really started to like the trend, because like you, i LOVE layers, and with those they're so lightweight you don't roast when you wear them in the summer! i saw a pretty one at target today that for some reason i didn't get, but i'm going back for it tomorrow, and since they only had one in my size, i hope it will still be there!

  7. Adorable as always! I really love your eyeshadow too :)