May 8, 2012

ABC 12 Part 1

The Arizona Blogger Conference couldn't have turned out any better, honestly. The whole night ran as smooth as I could have ever hoped for, and it was SO amazing to see something that we had all put so much time and effort into finally come to life.

I'm SO thankful for all of my Phoenix Style Collective members. Thank you so much Josh, Katherine, Courtney, and Kara for all the hard work you put into our event. I'm so thankful that we're all on the same team!

I am also SO thankful for Scott and all of the hard work, love, and support he put into our event. Thank you so much my love, I couldn't have done it without you!

I was so, so happy to have Sarah with us through the whole event! She really knows how to bring charm and excitement into a room (she absolutely rocked her speech on our panel later that night!).

The Saguaro hotel was kind enough to donate an amazing space for the blogger conference. I'm absolutely in love with their southwestern chic decor, and I couldn't imagine a better space for our first blogger conference!

It was sooo nice to see so many familiar and new faces at the conference! Thanks so much to everyone who came out and took part in the festivities! Isn't Katy and her husband Anthony so cute? I just love them!

It was so lovely having Kristine and Ashley there as well! Thank you for coming ladies!

It was also so nice to have Scott and I's friend Gabe there! We certainly missed his amazing wife, Chanelle, but we were so happy to have him there! Hope some attendees were able to talk to him about web hosting with Go Daddy!

Scott was an amazing trooper and took photos for me the whole day and night. This one of only a few photos he (or I) got of him that night. Thanks darling for taking such wonderful photos of this happy event!

Everyone was sporting these neat color wraps during the conference! Kristen looks so cute with hers!

The Agency Arizona was kind enough to showcase a few model poses for us!

We had some delicious pickled veggies crostinis during the first half of the event for all of the attendees to snack on! I swear, The Saguaro makes THE best pickled beets!

Sarah looked SO cute in her denim vest!

Did I mention how amazing The Saguaro is? I'm in love with all of the accent walls surrounding the hotel!

We were really fortunate to have some amazing vendors set up during the first half of the event! The Madewell table looked amazing, and I wanted each and every piece featured on it!

Danielle of Rumble & Spur had THE most amazing necklaces for sale! She is one talented lady!

We were all so thankful to have Ugglebo Clogs as a sponsor for the event! Us ladies in the collective are HUGE fans of Ugglebo, and loved that we could work with them so closely even thought they weren't able to attend. Thank you SO much Fredrik and Ugglebo Clogs for everything! Also, today is the last day to use the coupon discount code for the Ugglebog Clogs website that all attendees got in their goodie bags! Don't miss out!

Have I mentioned yet how amazing it was to have The Coffee Chop at the conference? I am SO thankful that Kara worked her magic and welcomed them to the event. I'm pretty sure most of our attendees had some sort of coffee buzz going the whole night (I know I did!), and I think it was so great to have everyone be able to learn a little about latte art! Thank you so much Coffee Chop for keeping us all well caffeinated with delicious drinks throughout the night! I sure hope we can have you at our next event!

Ok, I'm going to be back soon with the second half, and final half of the event!
What are you guys up to today?
-Chelsea xo


  1. Oh such great photos! Can't wait to run into you soon :)

  2. Oh goodness, as if I need another reason to want to move to Arizona. This looks like SO much fun!! I'm attending a blog conference at the end of the month in Toronto and I hope it's as neat as this one! Great job Chelsea!! That would feel so rewarding, looks like a hit!

  3. I love the picture of us!! You got some great shots and didn't forget any of the details :) you guys did an amazing job!

  4. courtney's dress is the bomb dot com!

  5. Ah how amazing! This looks like it was a ton of fun. Way to go, Chelsea!

  6. Just catching up on posts and wanted to say you guys did an amazing job organizing and putting on the conference! We had a really nice night and were so happy to catch the panel! And we just love you guys too - you are the cutest. :)