May 9, 2012

ABC 12 Part 2

The second half of the Arizona Blogger Conference involved our amazing panel, and extra time to mingle with sweet attendees. I was SUPER nervous about speaking in front of some many people (100+), so Sarah and I took a nice walk around the outside of the hotel to give our speeches to one another and get all of our nerves out.

Before all of the attendees came into the conference room the speakers had a few moments to sit, calm their nerves, get their powerpoints ready, and talk with the other speakers. I was an absolute ball of nerves during this time, and it only got worse once I could hear everyone waiting to come in. Once the doors did open, I took a big breath and just remembered that all I could do was speak from my heart and my own experiences.

Sarah absolutely rocked her presentation that night! She had the whole room laughing, and was really just a great ball of charm and energy. I really loved her presentation, and was so proud of her for doing so well!

When my turn came I stood up and just went for it. I had a small little piece of paper with a few notes on it for me to remember my main points, and just spoke from the heart for the rest of it. In all honesty, I kind of blacked out while up there. I was SO nervous, but I tried to talk slow and really speak from my own experiences. It really was quite surreal seeing my blog up there on the big screen!

All of our speakers did SO well, and it was SO great hearing about their stories and what blogging means to them. Thank you so much Margaree of Local First Arizona, Georganne of Frances and Smeeks, Katie of Running on Happiness, and Sarah of Arrow and Apple. You guys really rocked the panel!

After the panel was over we had handed out raffle prizes, ate some delicious fries, and spent some time to mingle with our very sweet attendees. My amazing friend Adrianna, who owns the beautiful online shop Le Mode Accessories, was kind enough to come down from California to spend the evening with us! She also donated the most amazing necklaces for our goodie bags! Thank you SO much for everything, Adrianna!

And as the night came to a close I thought about everything that had happened during the past few hours. What an amazing evening it was! I truly feel so blessed to be a part of the Arizona Blogger Conference, and can't wait to see what the coming months have in store for The Phoenix Style Collective. Thank you so much again to everyone who came out, and to everyone who had a part in making this event happen! We couldn't have done it without everyone's love and support!
-Chelsea xo

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