May 1, 2012

ABC 12: What I Wore

What does one wear to an event that they are playing co-host at? Since we've been planning for the blogger conference for a handful a months now, I certainly had time to figure it out my outfit, but it wasn't until just a few weeks before our big day that I nailed down my outfit. I kew I wanted to wear something comfortable, but also something that I would feel cute in. I didn't want to be tugging at my outfit all night, so a all-in-one piece was on my mind. A few weeks back I spotted this darling I HEART Ronson dress at Jcpenney and immediately knew this had to be the one. I mean, it does match our PSC logo (old and new)! To say it was fate would be an understatement.

The Arizona Blogger Conference was incredibly lucky to have Ugglebo Clogs as a sponsor! I decided that my Rio Grande clogs were the perfect addition to my outfit for the evening. I LOVE the criss cross braided leather, and they are extremely comfortable. No joke, I wore them for more than six hours straight and I was absolutely comfortable the whole time. I was so thankful to have such comfy shoes for an evening of running around. Thank you Ugglebo Clogs for everything!

As an extremely sweet gift my bestie Courtney had business cards made for all of the members of the Phoenix Style Collective. They are SO darling, and I'm loving the logo that Josh of a Subtle Takeover designed for us!

And to be honest, I couldn't have made it through the night without this guy. He was my rock through all of it, and was there cheering me on when I scared out of my mind speaking in front of 90 + people! Thank you SO much my love for everything!

And this sweet lady! Doesn't she look amazing? Courtney really is the heart and soul of the Phoenix Style Collective and I'm so thankful to be able to call her such a close friend. Thank you for keeping the evening going, and for all of the positivity you have brought into my life!

What would you wear to a big event that you were playing co-host at?
-Chelsea xo

Outfit details:
Dress: I HEART Ronson
Bracelets: Vintage, Kate Spade, & Pandora


  1. Wait, that was a dress?!?!!? LOVE!!

    xo, Joanne

  2. Totally thought that was a skirt and top combo the whole night! You and Scott looked cute as can be.

  3. So cute!! I love your tribal printed skirt :)

  4. awww you look adorable

    *I'm having one of my first giveaways!

  5. Such a cute dress! You and Scott look so great together. :)

    I bet the conference was SO fun!

  6. I adore those uggabo clogs! I may have to break down and treat myself to a pair!