May 29, 2012

Back In The Alleyway

Oh, where has the day gone? I swear it was just 10 a.m.! Today has gone by so fast (yet so slow at the same time). In Colorado it stays much brighter later in the evening, and it's been kind of messing me up a bit. I'm so ready to drink my iced coffee, and then realize it's 8 p.m.! Guess it will have to wait until tomorrow. Anyways, I wore this outfit right before I left home. I'm in LOVE with the simplicity of it.

I've been absolutely loving this piano lounge top from Lulus this spring/early summer. It's cool, flowy, and the peter pan collar is right up my alley! Perfect top for the warm months if you ask me!

Lately I've been really having a lot of fun with makeup. Eyeshadows are one of my favorite things, and the pretty one I'm wearing above has recently become a favorite (Soba by MAC, incase you were wondering!).

Where would I be without my trusty Rio Grande Clogs from Ugglebo Clogs this summer? They are seriously the best! I love starting the summer off with a new pair of sandals. Are there any sandals that you are lusting over currently?

(Missing this guy SO much!)

Today I spent some time wandering around Vail, CO. I checked out a few shops, got a coffee and a scone, and rummaged through my favorite record shop in the area! What did you do today? XO

Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Piano lounge top: c/o Lulus
Jeans: Levi's
Rio Grande Clogs: c/o Ugglebo Clogs


  1. those clogs are so cute! and your day sounds so perfect - scones, coffee, and walking around to your favorite store...LOVE!

  2. I love your blouse! It's super adorable!

  3. you guys are TOO CUTE. That photo is great.

    And I'm loving your outfit! It doesn't feel as formal as black & white outfits can sometimes lean... just cool and chic!