May 26, 2012

In Transit

Yesterday I spent five + hours traveling to and from different airports to ultimately make it to my destination in Colorado. There may have been a few meltdowns (saying goodbye is always so hard), and a few nice people who asked If I was doing ok. I drank a ginger ale to calm my stomach, and two iced coffees because I just wanted to (traveling alone calls for numerous treats). My first flight was just fine, and the second one was incredibly bumpy (I was on a teeny, tiny plane seated in the last seat in the back). There was a puppy on my second flight, and I sat next to a guy that I can only assume was narcoleptic on the first. Today I'm adjusting to a new routine and catching up on all social media accounts (and adjusting to the high altitude, oh my!).

What do you love and hate about traveling?
-Chelsea xo


  1. I love how independent I feel when I travel alone. I also hate how lonely I feel. Best travel experiences always end in the arms of a loved one. The worst was a bomb threat in the Amsterdam airport (traveling alone) that resulted in missing my flight and enduring my third travel day to get back to the US. I still love to travel. :)

  2. It's hard to leave the one you love, but hopefully some time in Colorado will hold many adventures, family time, and solo coffee dates to grow even more into the wonderful person you are! ;)

  3. So jealous of your summers in Colorado! Ah!

    Having traveled this weekend also, I can say that my least favorite things about travel are bitchy travelers (you know the ones - constant sighing and "ugh"ing and eye rolling if anything takes more than 30 seconds) and bumpy landings. We had a really rough landing in Chicago on Thursday and I thought Ryan was gonna have a heart attack!

    I always order tomato juice on planes :)