May 13, 2012

Record Collecting

For years and years I've searched high and low in every record shop I've ever been into to find any of the Stars albums. This past Christmas Scott surprised me with an entire collection of Stars records. When I saw them (especially the Japan version of Set Yourself of Fire) I couldn't believe my eyes. So thank you my love for making my dream record collection come true.

Do you have a favorite record, or one that you're always on the hunt for?
-Chelsea xo


  1. My favorite record is my copy of A Hard Day's Night Original Movie Soundtrack that my mom bought for me. It's an original pressing and contains some of my favorite Beatles tunes from one of my favorite films! I am waiting with bated breath for Brand New to release Deja Entendu on vinyl for the album's 10th anniversary. I bought Your Favorite Weapon's anniversary vinyl but Deja is one of my favorite albums ever! Can't wait!

  2. I had a record player in high school, that died before I left for college. I only recently got one for my college graduation. Generally I stick to my parents' old albums (Billy Idol! Pat Benatar! Bruce Springsteen!) But I do have albums from Jawbreaker, American Football and Latterman coming my way.
    I also have/had a bunch of 7"s from pre-orders hanging around that I can't seem to find anywhere!

  3. I would love to have Stars albums on vinyl. Right now my dream would be to have the Replacement's albums on vinyl and the Weakerthans.
    By the way, I started listening to Stars because of your blog. Now they are one of my favorite bands!

  4. The Mister is always hunting for old records. Will suggest to him that he looks for Stars now!