June 26, 2012

Around Hotel Colorado

The thing that gets me in these tiny towns is the history behind them. It amazes me that all of these old, beautiful brick buildings have seen a hundred or more years of friendly faces (and maybe some not so friendly ones), celebrations, every day life, and everyone from wild west slinging cowboys, to 21st Century personal style bloggers. Oh, if those walls could talk!

I recently visited one of my favorite spots in Glenwood Springs, CO, the Hotel Colorado. The hotel was built in 1893 and has housed American presidents, the unsinkable Molly Brown, and Doc Holiday himself (who died down the street and is buried up on a nearby hill!). The very first Teddy bear was also made at the hotel and was given to President Teddy Roosevelt as a gift after a poor day of hunting (I'm personally thankful for this, because my childhood would not have been the same without my teddy bear).

Recently (ok, ever since I left home really) I've been counting down the days until Scott's arrival in Colorado. This Friday we will be reunited again, and I'm so ready to drive down to the airport this minute and run into his arms (only a few more days to go!). I'm so excited to have my love/best friend/adventure buddy back by my side, and can't wait to spend so much quality time together (road trips, breakfast dates, coffee stops, oh my!).

Do you have any favorite old buildings? What is getting you super excited this week?

Outfit details:
Dress: TJ Maxx
Sandals: Saltwater Sandals

-Chelsea xo


  1. I know my husband would love to visit where Doc Holiday is buried. He's a Tombstone junkie, and I'm not just talking about the movie, he loves the old town too. I'll never understand. I love your dress! You always look so darling. :)

  2. aw, cute dress and sandals! and so excited that you get to see Scott again soon! i saw Ryan last week and it was the best week ever. :)

  3. I adore that dress, and my favorite old(ish) building would probably be St. Pancras. It's just beautiful.

  4. You look lovely! So excited you and Scott will be together soon!

  5. Oh I bet you have been dying without Scott!! Colorado is beautiful!! I need to go back sometime soon.. This week I am excited to go spend some time in Cali and get out of this heat!!!

  6. oh, it's so hard when your partner is away. I'm excited for you to get him back!

  7. that building and these images of your outfit are absolutely adorable! if you put some pops of red, this will be just perfect for the fourth of july! :)
    xo TJ