June 11, 2012

In the Underpass

Off of Central Avenue in downtown Phoenix there is the most creepy underpass. I've always been a fan of overpasses (thank you Brand New and anyone who catches my drift on that one), but the thought of walking through this underpass gave me the heebie jeebies. However, I am incredibly in love with the photos we took in there. Thank you, Sarah, for making me face my fear and for taking such amazing photos. XO

All photos by Arrow & Apple


  1. I rode my bike through there last time I was in phoenix. It scared the ish out if me. These photos are ridiculous!! So good. XOXO.

  2. These are so sweet, definitely some of my favorites you've posted. You and Scott are the cutest! That first picture is just magical.
    xo Julie
    ♥Julie Rose Sews♥

  3. Ah, Soco Amaretto Lime. :)

  4. Love those photos, and all the neat places you find in Phoenix! Also, Brand New.. I need to turn that on my iPod, it's been forever!