June 23, 2012

Milk Run

This may sound silly, but I really love a good donut. It may be due to the fact that almost every Sunday for the past twenty or so years has been donut Sunday, and I just don't feel right when I don't get my donut. Recently I was in Steamboat Springs, CO and was so excited when I stumbled upon a donut cafe.

I made it into the cafe right before they were about to close, so the donut pickings were a little slim, but there was still a few classic style donuts left (and maybe a chai and candy bar-esque donut too!). I ended up getting a classic cake donut, a glazed donut, and a chocolate glazed one for me and the fam.

I may have eaten half of my chocolate glazed in the car. It's silly, but a good donut can really put a smile on my face. Back at home I LOVE going to Bosa donuts and getting something from their "fancy donut" section and splitting it with Scott (donut date!).

Ok, now that I have professed my love for donuts to you, it's time for you to spill the beans. Are you a donut kind of person? If so, what kind do you usually get?
-Chelsea xo


  1. We looove donuts. My oldest daughter Aurora is addict to Dublin Donuts. The strawberry frosting ones are our favorites. Those donuts you got look so good!

    1. I meant to type Dunkin Donuts my phone that I meant Dublin. Not a bad donut shop name though lol.

  2. When I worked at a grocery store my go to was either star donuts (so cute!) or croissant donuts. They were especially good if they were slightly undercooked!

    Other than that I'm quite traditional with chocolate glazed donuts. Or somewhat recently I used my mini donut maker to make lemon cake donuts with a sugar glaze. Seriously yummy.

  3. When I was dating my very first boyfriend, he took me to Krispy Kreme for hot donuts after we went to a musical downtown. Ever since then, I've adored them. Throughout college, my friends and I would make 'donut runs' to the same Krispy Kreme when we were up late studying for exams. :)

  4. I love donuts. A good cake donut with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles always brightens my day. My boyfriend and I went to Portland, OR in May and got a few treats from Voo Doo Donuts. The Captain Crunch donut was my favorite :)


  5. Woah that donut is huge! We have the greaaaaatest donut place in Calgary called Jelly Modern Doughnuts that make really fancy shmancy donuts. It's pretty neat!

  6. These look AMAZING! I always eat the top off my chocolate donuts before I make it home :) They are my favorite weekend treat too! I looove crumb and coconut. Enjoy your Donut Sunday!


  7. I actually really don't like donuts, but they always remind me of Homer Simpson, which makes me smile :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  8. yuuumy <3


  9. Yummy! I really love donuts. Especially the homemade variety. You're making me reeeally want to go get one this Sunday afternoon. :)

  10. i can't turn down a glazed donut with pink frosting and sprinkles. it's like a life rule.

  11. LOVE donuts! While I lived in LA- it had to be Randy's Donuts, which if you and Scott ever go there, it's a MUST-TRY! Or Dunkin is good too.

  12. LOVE donuts! While I lived in LA- it had to be Randy's Donuts, which if you and Scott ever go there, it's a MUST-TRY! Or Dunkin is good too.